The Best Toys for 4-8 Years-Olds: Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Toys for 4-8 Years-Olds: Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Toys for 4-8 Years-Olds: Holiday Gift Guide

To play with toys or not to play with toys? This is the question for kids in the 4 to 6 age group. This is why, with kids this age, you have to mix it up. They may still love playing with toys but are also into plushy things, games, and outdoor fun; basically, they are kids. We have an excellent curation of gifts for this age group and guarantee you will find something your little one will love, so shop away; we’ve got you!



Crayola Kids Customizable 3-Wheel Kick Scooter

This fun scooter has an adjustable handlebar that can be adjusted to your little one’s height. Your kids can decorate their bikes with Crayola sticker packs. White LED lights on the front and rear wheels illuminate when being ridden. Besides, this scooter is pretty cool because it is a Crayola bike with a carry case where crayons and chalk can be stored. Extra fun! $39-40, Ages 2-4.





Furby Furblets Mello-Nee Mini Friend

In all toy seriousness, if you are interested in this toy, order ASAP for Furby is still one of the most popular toys. It is a mini, so keep this in mind as it measures 2 inch/5 centimeters small, making for a fun stocking stuffer gift; it comes with a keychain clip for the backpack. Also, it may be a mini, but it’s loud like its older sibling. It activates its feeding noises and music by pressing its beak, head, and heart. Ages 6 and up. $10,


I Never Forget a Face Memory & Matching Game

Matching games are great for Gross Motor Skills, and whether your child loves puzzles or needs to work on their remembering skills, this memory & matching game also helps kids with empathy while teaching diversity, Ages 3 plus, 22,

Crayola® X Kohl’s 16″ Squishy Pillow

Kids love squishy pillows, and your kid will love being gifted this colorful Crayola pencil 16” pillow. Whether your child props their room with this colorful piece or uses it as a comfy prop while doing homework, they’ll love this playful pillow. $16-20,

Stapelstein Original

We learned from the pandemic that kids adore old-fashioned play. What we love about Stapelstein® dome-like designs is that kids will love balancing, floating, spinning, and stacking, turning the living room or outdoor area into a creative and inventive adventure. Starting at $35-$300,

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Barbie the Movie Dolls and Fashion

Kids will love the Barbie the Movie Dolls and Fashion that are modeled after the character’s iconic looks in Barbie The Movie! Barbie fans and collectors alike will love Barbie in her pink gingham dress, daisy necklace and pastel pumps and other iconic fashions, as she’s ready to have the best day ever in Barbie Land! Parents will love that kids can take home a part of Barbie The Movie and have fun reenacting their favorite scenes or making new adventures. Ages 3+, $24.99,

The Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0

The Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0 makes singing kids’ favorite holiday songs even better with its enhanced voice changers and sound effects, including a lead vocal removal. Kids will love to sing their hearts out and can wirelessly connect the mic to a car radio or portable speaker so they can sing whenever and wherever they may go this holiday season. Plus, families will love to use the Duets feature to add a second mic. Ages 8+, $29.99, amazon.



FURBY is an incredibly interactive toy friend that kids are sure to love this holiday season. Furby is available in two colors, purple or coral, and features five voice activated modes and over 600 phrases, jokes, songs, and more to discover. Kids will love watching as Furby responds to hugs, pats on the head, shaking, and feeding its pretend pizza charm. Plus, the more they play, the more fun they can unlock! Parents will love the nurturing and creative pet play, and enjoy the interactions when kids tell Furby what they want to do with five commands: Dance Party, Copy Cat, Tell My Fortune, Let’s Chill and Lightshow. As Furby would say, “Dah-no-lah” – party time! Ages 6+, $69.99,



Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator

Kids will go wild as they unleash the beast with the Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator. Parents will love this experiment-based, interactive playset that empowers kids to create and unleash a “jaw-some” electronic action figure. Prepare for the ultimate, scientific unboxing experience. Kids add ingredients to the chamber and initiate the human-beast connection with a simulated finger scan. This is followed by crackling sounds, epic roars, flashing lights and fizzing bubbles that radiate from the chamber while Bio Mist flows. Last but not least, the pandemonium crystal gives the beast its power and an alarm sounds. Kids will love the grand finale as they pull the emergency lever, drain the ingredients and unleash the beast. Mayhem Megashark or Havoc Hammerhead emerges ready for action-packed battle fun. Plus, kids and parents alike will love that the beast evolves with new sounds, lights and ways to play, and the whole experiment can be repeated again and again. Ages 5+, $63.99,


American Girl® Hogwarts Express™ Train

For the serious Harry Potter fanatics there is this investment gift to last for generations to come. So all aboard, Harry Potter and American Girl fans, for a magical holiday train ride on the American Girl® Hogwarts Express™ Train. It takes off from Platform 9¾ complete with spellbinding scenes and tasty treats for a fantastical journey to Hogwarts. Kids will love this authentic Hogwarts Express train car that has functional lights and plays train sound effects and music. The interior features blue woven seats that fold down to a bed, a gold storage rack, and a red dining table. There are two reversible day-and-night window scenes of Hogwarts Castle that create iconic story moments, and a removable exterior train panel transforms into a vertical Platform 9¾ scene. Parents will love that there are so many extra accessories included to further enhance the imaginative play. Ages 6+, $550,


Take home your new best friend when you meet DOG-E  this holiday, the One in a Million Robot Dog, MINTiD just for you! Uncrate this pup to reveal a unique combination of colorful lights, sounds and personality traits, so no two Dog-Es are ever the same. Kids will have enjoy naming Dog-E and teaching it to do tricks, tracking its needs, tossing it a treat, and so much more! Kids will love its unique movements, personality and sounds that bring this robot dog to life, and it eats, plays, loves, and even poops like a real dog! Parents will love that Dog-E’s personality influences how it behaves and responds to you with over 200 sounds and reactions and six games to play. Dog-E “talks with its tail”, using persistence of vision (POV) technology to communicate with you. Unlock even more interactive play with Dog-E’s connected app. Multiple people can mint, save and load unique profiles with the app, so Dog-E is truly a robot dog for the whole family! Ages 6+, $69.99,




Tamagotchi Uni

This new Tamagotchi Uni allows kids to connect and interact in a completely new way with their Tamagotchi pets and with the Tamaverse, the metaverse of the Tamagotchi world. Kids will love that Tamagotchi Uni personalizes the virtual pet experience like never before with endless character options, allowing Tamagotchi characters to now have different looks, personalities, and even hobbies. Fans can now play together with the Tamaverse’s Tama Arena, Tama Parties, Tama Fashion, and Tama Travel features, opening up the fun to a global scale. Tamagotchi Uni has tons of fun, new features, creating unique experiences, including DIY activities, exploring with your character, and an in-device social platform. The ability to connect to Wi-Fi gives fans a chance to access downloadable content and updates as well. Ages 6+, $59.99,



Kids will fall in love with Bitzee, the first digital pet that you can really touch and feel! Within the Bitzee pod, your pets will respond to your tilts, swipes, and shakes, with adorable sounds and reactions. Parents will love watching kids care for the Bitzee and admiring them as they evolve from baby, to adult, to super Bitzee! Kids will love that it is super cool and cute, and parents will love that there is lots of nurturing play. Discover unique outfits and games, then use a treat to attract your next pet. Parents will love that little ones can collect 15 Bitzee pets in each pod and show off your collection. Ages 5+, $29.99,


Hot Wheels City Ultimate T-Rex Transporter 

Kids will go “car-azy” that the Hot Wheels City Ultimate T-Rex Transporter can gobble up and haul more than 20 cars and then transform into a growling, stomping T-Rex with a race track on its back! In hauler mode, pull it by the handle and watch it eat the cars in its path, or lower the tail and it transforms into a Robo T-Rex with lights and sounds and a two-lane race track. Kids will also love making the T-Rex spit out and launch the cars from its mouth! Parents will love the two play modes, that it can store more than 20 cars, and watching the kids enjoy imaginary play. Ages 4+, $55.99,


Rainbow High Color & Create

Little fashionistas will love creating unique, new fashion designs and having the opportunity to customize their own Rainbow High Color & Create doll, the first washable toy from Rainbow High. Each doll is dressed from head to toe in all white fashions and hair and comes with six Rainbow High washable markers in the classic rainbow colors. Kids can draw their beautiful designs and enjoy fashionable and artistic fun. Then wash the hair and clothes, let it dry and then start all over again. Kids will also love becoming fashion designers just like their new Rainbow High Color & Create dolls with the Rainbow High Dream & Design Fashion Studio Playset. This playset comes with all the essentials: a sewing machine, iron, fashion worktable and chair, sketch book with water-reveal images, functional mannequin, real colorful Rainbow High fabrics and an exclusive Skyler Madison doll. With this no sew fashion designer kit, little ones can create over 300 fashion designs. And because this playset has 40+ accessories, they can play with it over and over again. Ages 4+, Starting at $29.99,



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