The Best Smartwatches For Helping You Track Your Kids

The Best Smartwatches For Helping You Track Your Kids
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The Best Smartwatches For Helping You Track Your Kids

We all know that phones are a great way to track and keep tabs on the family, yet the irony is that children who are too young for phones are the ones that parents are most concerned about keeping tabs on. Whether you live in a big city or a suburban neighborhood, your child will most likely be spending time with friends, music lessons, neighborhood outdoor activities, etc.

And while your kids may be still young and not freely walking around solo being able to track their whereabouts can be part of what we do to keep them safe.

This is where the smartwatch comes in. Firstly, it is an excellent alternative to a phone for tracking your child. Secondly, it is something your little one will be proud and excited to have, which ensures that they will actually wear it (whoosh). The plus for younger children who often feel left out of the gadget world is they will love sporting one of these cool gadgets. A smartwatch is something they can wear- making it reliable and stylish – SCORE!

Below you will find some of the best smartwatches (with a price range of $149.99 – $199.99) for kids on the market.

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The Xplora X5 Play comes in black, pink, and blue. It is able to make voice calls and can receive both text and voice messages. It comes with a built-in GPS system which uses multiple services to show the device’s location. It even comes with a special SOS button, which the child can press in an emergency to notify all emergency contacts of their location. The Xplora X5 Play is a watch that will need its own phone number and must be activated with a mobile carrier. Once this is done, it can be activated and connected with the parent’s phone through the easy to use Xplora app. The Xplora X5 is waterproof and incredibly durable. The watch also features a camera and a variety of fun emojis. $169.99 ,

Tick Talk 4

The Tick Talk 4 comes in black, blue, and pink. It has video calling, voice calling, text messaging, and voice messaging. The watch has a built-in GPS that provides your child’s location. It also comes with an SOS feature in case of emergencies and the parent can block unknown numbers through the parental control app. This watch does need to be set up with a cell phone provider with an average cost of $10-$15. The Tick Talk 4 comes with a camera, emojis, GIFs, and free music streaming. The watch is incredibly durable and of great quality. It is ideal for children ages 5-12 years old. $199.99,


Angel Watch

The Angel watch comes in Lunar Jet Black, Ruby Rose Pink, and Royal Cadet Blue. This watch features HD video calling, voice calling, text messaging, picture messaging, and video messaging. Each Angel Watch has its own phone number and they require cellular connection. The watch comes with accurate GPS location tracking and has an uneditable parent-assigned phonebook with unknown caller block. There is a button on the side of the watch, dedicated to notifying others of an emergency. This watch can take your blood pressure, heart rate, and does remote body temperature readings (through an app.) It can also track steps, distance, and calories burned. The Angel Watch is dust and water resistant and is incredibly durable. $179.99 ,


Gabb Watch

The Gabb watch features voice calling, texting, and emojis. It has active GPS tracking and an SOS feature for emergency contacts. The parent can customize boundaries and be notified if the child leaves their safe zone. The watch also comes with lock mode scheduling, which helps avoid distractions during school hours. It has a fun task manager and a built-in step counter. This watch is sweat, dust, and sand resistant. It does need to be set up with a cellular plan in order to be activated. $149.99,

Verizon Gizmo Watch Disney Edition

The Verizon Gizmo Watch Disney Edition features animated characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars™, creating an interactive user experience. Characters react in lively ways on the home screen when checking the weather and when notifications come in. This watch comes with real-time location tracking and can be set to send boundary notifications to the parent’s smart devices. An SOS button and Auto Answer will keep you and up to 10 trusted contacts easily in touch with your child. Active lifestyle apps make movement fun with activity-tracking that has characters to motivate and reward children for keeping active. There are also helpful features like alarms and reminders. This watch does require a line and can be connected to a verizon network for activation. $199.99 + $35 activation fee on