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  • The Best Smartphone Apps For Techie Tots

    Raising digital natives means screening the best age-appropriate apps for your curious kiddos

    By Iman Saad
    Fiete Match

    Fiete Match

    Kids (and babies and toddlers) these days seem to adapt to technology faster than ever–so while you may remember your very first (and not-so-sleek) cell phone coming not too long ago, children growing up in today’s world are using smartphones and tablets from the get-go.

    But what does it all mean for parents striving to raise savvy, smart, and thoughtful “digital natives” ? One great jumping off point is to nail down some great apps for little ones that are age-appropriate, fun, and educational. We’ve searched the meta-marketplace for our fave apps that are perfect for curious preschoolers!

    Goodnight Mo: Goodnight Mo is an interactive storybook app that is perfect for bedtime. The story features a cute little monster as it gets ready for bed, complete with beautiful pictures and a soothing tune. The app is also available in several languages for anyone to enjoy.

    Available for purchase at the App store and Google Play.

    Farm 123: Help Farmer Jo around the farm with this interactive book! Kids can flip through the pages of Farm 123 as they learn to count and earn stars as they win games. This is the perfect app for young preschoolers!

    Available for free at the App store and Google Play.

    Pepi Doctor: Have a child who is afraid of the doctor or dentist? Then have them play with the Pepi Doctor app where kids can learn all about what happens at the doctor’s office themselves! Kids will help three characters with the various problems they have, which is a great game that also teaches kids the importance of health and hygiene.

    Available at the App store and Google Play.

    Bramble Berry Tales: Everyone knows the fairy tales about Cinderlla and Snow White, but how about sharing some new ones with your family? Bramble Berry Tales brings to life special Native American tales and and oral stories that have been a part of rich cultures for hundreds of years. The book features amazing graphics, fun narration and a lot of vocabulary in various languages, including the native language of Squamish!

    Two books available for purchase at the App store and Google Play.

    Tic Toc Time: Learning to tell time is not the easiest of task for any child, but thankfully the Tic Toc Time app is perfect for young learners. There are a variety of cute games and ways to help preschoolers how to tell time and read a clock. Plus it allows you to create up to 40 separate profiles for all the kids in your family.

    Available for purchase at the App store and Google Play.

    Fiete Match: Every child loves a good matching game. But Fiete Match offers a nice twist with a sailor, Fiete, who you can play against. He has great reactions when you win or lose which makes the game extra fun. The fun game, the cute images and quirky sounds are great for all ages.

    Available for purchase at the App store and Google Play.

    Duckie Deck Family Photo: People all look different and Duckie Deck Family Photo is a great app that allows kids to express themselves and showcase the diversity we see all around us. The easy-to-use apps allows toddlers to create portraits and choose from a huge amount of features, hairstyles and looks to create personalized versions of themselves or their family.

    Available for purchase at the App store and Google Play.

    Around the Clock: Around the Clock is a fun app to teach kids about time and the day. There are 24 mini-games, one for each hour of the day! It is a fun way to introduce kids to the clock, numbers and the difference between night and day.

    Available for purchase at the App store and Google Play.

    Goodnight Safari: Help kids get ready for bed with this soothing interactive storybook app, Goodnight Safari. Kids can help different animals at the safari at night with a variety of fun games and activities. From helping a giraffe eat her dinner to watching a monkey climb to its bed in the trees, this game is perfect for unwinding at night.

    Available for purchase at the App store.

    Endless Alphabet: Get your preschoolers ready for reading with the Endless Alphabet app! Kids can learn their ABCs and build their vocabulary with cute animation and adorable monster characters. Each word features a puzzle game. This is a great educational app for little ones.

    Available for purchase at the App store and Google play.

    Elmo Calls/Cookie Calls: Are your kids Sesame Street fanatics? Well, the Elmo Calls and Cookie Calls apps are perfect for kids! It gives them an opportunity video call and get voice-mails from the beloved monsters. Witness all of the fun and silliness with Elmo and Cookie and have your family join in on the fun.

    Available for purchase at the App store.

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