The Best Pizza Spots in NYC!

pizza spots in nyc
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The Best Pizza Spots in NYC

What makes a good FANTASTIC pizza is subjective. There is the type of cheese, chew of the crust, tang of the sauce to consider and not to mention the toppings. Despite various opinions, New York City has some of the best pizza to offer. Even if you and the family are looking for a classic slice or a new sourdough artisan creation you will find the perfect slice in this eclectic city. This list shows the top pizza places in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Now pick a spot that suits your pizza desires and enjoy!

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Scarr’s Pizza
22 Orchard St., New York, NY, 10002

Scarr’s Pizza is known to be flavorful, which might have to do with the fact that they mill their own flour. You can even purchase their flour and dough online! They serve New York style pizza, Sicilian, margherita and even vegan pies. If you want a slice, ask what is available! Scarr’s also serves Appetizers, heroes, and beer and wine. They offer delivery through Caviar, dine-in, and takeout as well.

235 Mulberry St., New York, NY, 10012

Rubirosa is descended from Joe & Pat’s. The updated family recipe garners the same attention from customers. This is because the crust is thin and crispy, the sauce is revered, and the toppings are tried and true. Rubirosa also serves homemade pastas, other Italian dishes, and pizza with vegan cheese. They offer delivery, pickup, and dine-in with reservations.

Patsy’s Pizzeria
2287 1st Ave., New York, NY 10035

Patsy’s Pizzeria, originally in East Harlem, is known to be one of the first pizza shops in NYC. They use a coal-oven, which gives their pizza that old-world flavor. They also serve other Italian dishes, but their pizza is one of the most popular choices. It is a simple pie with sweet sauce and mild cheese, but you can’t mess with perfection. As a plus, Patsy’s also offers dine-in, delivery, and pickup. 

Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine St., New York, NY, 10014

Joe’s Pizza is the place for a simple New York slice. This is a favorite lunch or late night pizza spot where customers can indulge in that simple cheesy, greasy perfection (even after 12 AM). It is because of that familiar balance between cheese and sauce that Joe has been serving these slices for 47 years and has expanded to new locations. They offer dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

32 Spring St., New York, NY, 10012

Finding pizza in Little Italy is not hard to do, but finding some of the best can be challenging. Lombardi’s is said to be America’s first pizzeria. The pizza is coal-oven baked, adding a distinct smokiness. Although they have contributed to making New York style pizza, they do not sell by the slice. Two top pies are the margherita pie and clam pie! They offer delivery, takeout, and seating outside.


L&B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th St., Brooklyn, NY 11223

L&B Spumoni Gardens has been around a long time, since 1939 in fact. L&B is known for their Sicilian pie, where the sauce is found on top of the cheese. Yet, they also have a lot of other amazing Italian dishes. All the food is said to be made on the premises which means it is fresh. They offer dine-in, takeout and delivery through 3 apps. Don’t forget to try the spumoni!

575 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY 11231

Lucali is a simple, straightforward pizza spot. They have a large basil pie and a choice of toppings, and calzones. They use a wood and gas oven for an unmistakable flavor. If you are one for the simple, pure things in life try Lucali. Keep in mind, the wait might be a while, but it is worth it. Plus, talk about old school, they do not take reservations and they only take cash.

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop
110 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

Paulie Gee’s offers creative options which include a sesame seed bottom, Mike’s Hot Honey, and pecorino romano. They also serve more traditional slices, round or square, which are wood-fired. A major plus is the vegan pizza they make. There is not just one vegan pie but several options! Rumor has it, they have a secret menu, so keep a lookout. They offer takeout, dine-in and delivery through Doordash.

346 Himrod St., Brooklyn, NY 11237

Ops is the name of the Roman Goddess of Harvest and it means plenty. Ops makes it their mission to gather many of their ingredients from farms. With this concern for quality and specialization in pizza, Ops is making strides in Brooklyn. Not to mention they use a sourdough crust and a wood-fire oven. They are taking limited reservations, but you can also order online.


Gaby’s Pizza
204-23 Hillside Ave., Queens, NY 11423

Gaby’s has been in business for over 50 years and has been acknowledged by many media outlets. Yet, they are so invested in tradition that they still use original style ingredients and techniques! On their menu, they have much of the usual Italian fare, as well as classic and specialty pizzas, such as The Rachel Ray. All orders should be called in.

New Park Pizza
156-71 Cross Bay Blvd., Queens, NY 11414

New Park Pizza has been serving brick-oven pizza for over 60 years. This is because the taste has been described as unforgettable thanks to the way it is baked and its classic New York-Italian flavor. They mainly sell pizza and calzones. New Park offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Don’t forget to ask for the pizza well-done!

Tufino Pizzeria
36-08 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria, NY 11105

Tufino Pizzeria makes a more traditional Italian pie baked in a wood-burning oven from Naples with dough that is made in-house. They also use organic ingredients. Tufino believes in catering to vegan and gluten-free eaters and it has been said in reviews they have the best gluten free crust. There are many options when it comes to signature pies. On the menu, you will find appetizers, pasta, and salad as well.


Louie & Ernie’s
1300 Crosby Ave., Bronx, NY 10461

Louie & Ernie’s is a staple of the Bronx. They have been in business for over 60 years, they started in Harlem, but have been a part of the Bronx since the 1950’s. Their menu consists of a lot of classic flavors, such as sausage, eggplant, mushroom and cheese in small or large. They even offer calzones, slices, and frozen pizzas so you can have a little Louie & Ernie at home. They are available for dine-in and of course take out!

Zero Otto Nove
2357 Arthur Ave., Bronx, NY 10458

Zero Otto Nove is located in several parts of New York; Flatiron, Westchester and the Bronx. Their menu is more than pizza, but the Salerno-style pizza is what is most prized. The pizza is similar to that famous Neapolitan style. Yet, the toppings, such as soppressata, truffle, pancetta, and gorgonzola are fresh and inventive. There are “no cheese” options as well. At their Bronx location it is walk-in only.

Kingsbridge Social Club
3625 Kingsbridge Ave., Bronx, NY 10463

Kingsbridge Social Club sounds like it belongs in the movie Kingsman. However, it offers great beer, a trendy ambience and amazing pizza. The crust is made of 00 flour, water, yeast, salt, and is cooked in a wood-fire oven. Even with these traditionally Italian techniques Kingsbridge Social Club aims for an Italian-NYC hybrid. On the menu, there are bar snacks, salads, sandwiches, and pastas. They also have a vegan cheese pie!