The Best Gift Ideas for Pets: Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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The Best Gift Ideas for Pets!

While you’re checking off your list of family members to grab presents for, don’t forget to look for your furry friends! Pets are some of the best companions and deserve a great gift during the holiday season. To make your pets feel extra special this year, here are some of the best gift ideas for pets!

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BarkBox Dog Toys & Treats Box

Get your dog a gift that will continue to make them happy every month! When you subscribe to BarkBox, you will get a new themed box every month that is filled with treats and toys that your pets will love. $23 per box.

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Barefoot Dreams Dog Sweater

The temperatures are starting to drop in NYC and we need to make sure our furry friends are staying warm during the winter. These dog sweaters are made of a soft teddy bear like texture that will keep them cozy during their outings! Not only will they stay warm, but they will also be one of the most stylish dogs on the street. $39.

Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

Keep your cat entertained without having to move a finger! Once it’s turned on the interactive toy will have feathers popping out from different entries. The toy has different levels and is made with LED lights. $24.95.

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iDig Digging Toy by iFetch

Let your dogs dig without ruining any household furniture. The iDig is made with multiple pockets that you can hide your pets favorite toys or treats in and have them dig to find it. This toy is built for digging, which means it’s very durable  and is machine washable. $79.99.

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Leather Pet Collar

Personalize a leather collar for your pet this holiday season! Have your furry friend’s name pressed into the collar and have them wear it with pride! The collars come in different sizes and colors so you can get the perfect collar for your dog that is long lasting. Starting at $59.

Cat Window Perch

Especially during the holidays, everyone loves to sit and look out the window and now your cats can join in. The perch is held up by giant suctions and stainless steel cables so your pets can lay comfortably. It also comes with flannel pads which will provide extra comfort. $19.99.

Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

This heated bed is the perfect gift idea for your pets! When your dogs are sitting in the bed, it will automatically warm up to match your dog’s normal body temperature. As the weather gets warmer, you are able to remove the heather so the bed can be used during all seasons. $62.99.

Photo Credit: Catit

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

Help your cat eat slower with this digger! The feeder has multiple tubes that you can fill with food or treats and have your cats use their instincts to find it. Not only does this digger help cats eat at a healthier pace, but it also helps develop your cat’s senses. $15.99.


Renaldo Webb wanted to find a way to help dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives, which is why he created PetPlate. This company uses veterinary nutritionist to create fresh dog foods that are made in a human-grade kitchen. All of the meals are made with human-grade proteins, fruits, and vegetables and are free from rendered meats or by-products. $0.56 a day for Trooper Plan; $1.43 a day for Full Meal Plan.