The Benefits of Tutoring and Test Prep

The Benefits of Tutoring and Test Prep
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The Benefits of Tutoring and Test Prep fro NYC Kids’

Beth Silver Pilchik, a mom from Manhattan, knows the benefits of tutoring for her child. Her son Matthew has autism and is developmentally delayed. When he was just a toddler, Pilchik knew he would need some extra help with his learning skills. 

“Matthew has had services since he was 18 months old, and it has always helped,” she said. “We have seen progress over the years, but real progress over the last two years.”

Matthew is now 12 years old. 

Pilchik explained that the tutoring and related services she uses have allowed her son to thrive in school.

“My son has autism, so every provider—I don’t call them all tutors—provides skills that not only teach the subject matter but also regulation,” Pilchik explained. “For my son, this learning has enabled him to go to a school that is less restrictive and focuses more on academics. He is more independent as he now knows how to learn and wants to learn.”

Without these services, Matthew, who is verbal, would still need a teacher by his side, redirecting him. 

“He is learning language, regulation tools to learn subject matter and tools themselves,” Pilchik The Benefits of Tutoring and Test Prep for All Students

Many parents like Pilchik have children who can benefit from tutoring or test preparation. But whether a child has autism or not, is struggling in school, or is even doing well academically and just wants to keep up the good work, the benefits of tutoring and test prep are immeasurable for students of all ages and abilities. 

The benefits of tutoring go beyond the classroom, too. Anastasiya Smith, a NYC-based private tutor for early childhood education students, explained how.

“I strongly feel—and I heard the same feedback from parents—that tutoring helps a child gain confidence and deepen love and interest in learning, where other organized or group learning may have failed or not be sufficient,” Smith said. 

And like Pilchik’s son, tutoring can help a child make progress in school, which is likely the goal for most parents and students. 

We spoke with several other experts in the fields of education and child psychology, too, who provided insight on the benefits of tutoring and test prep for students. Here’s what they said.

Benefits of Tutoring in Elementary School  

There’s no age that’s too young to receive tutoring, according to Erica Miller, a children’s therapist and founder of Connected Minds NYC. Although younger children are still developing their understanding of what it means to be a learner and to have a growth mentality, tutoring is still a great option—and it should be fun!

“If a young child is being tutored, I would want it to be fun and engaging, and that fosters a love of learning and focus on process over product,” Miller said. “As a parent myself, I find I am straddling the line of knowing that development can be uneven and different between children, and also wanting my child to be as prepared as possible.”

With tutoring, especially at this young age, there’s flexibility, too. Parents can choose the tutor they want for their child, and kids can work at their own pace. 

“Parents get to choose exactly the tutor they are most comfortable with, versus group programming where teachers and instructors are assigned,” Smith said. “With tutoring, you also get the flexibility of going at the child’s learning pace.”

Christine Hernandez, an early childhood and parenting expert, and founder of Allo Saratoga, a community hub for families, shared a few more benefits of tutoring for younger kids:

Individualized attention. Both tutoring and test prep for elementary school students is really beneficial because of the one-on-one attention the student receives, especially at this age level. Tutoring can provide personalized attention, allowing students to grasp concepts more effectively. As a result, their academic performance often improves, leading to better grades and a deeper understanding of the material.

Learning “How to Learn.” At the elementary level, many students are just looking to learn “how to learn,” and tutoring and test-prep greatly increases their chances of success in learning these skills and strategies, as they are working outside the classroom, moving at a pace that works best for them. 

Benefits of Tutoring in Middle School  

As mentioned earlier, tutoring can be a big help in boosting self confidence, and this rings true for not only elementary school students but middle- and high-schoolers as well.

“Tutoring can be helpful to remediate weak skills, build confidence and increase independence,” Miller explained.

The privacy that tutoring offers students in any grade is another factor to consider, said Nhon Ma, founder and CEO of Numerade, an online platform that helps students study the STEM curriculum. 

“The majority of students across all ages and grades deal with insecurity, and that can make it difficult for them to ask questions in class,” Ma explained. “Tutoring provides a private, judgment-free space where students can ask all the questions they want. This not only helps drive comprehension but also significantly improves student confidence.”

Hernandez highlighted two more hugely important ways tutoring can help middle schoolers both academically and socially:

Support when school gets a bit more challenging. As middle school work gets harder, as well as the social aspect of school, tutoring and private test prep can aid students outside the classroom. Middle school often introduces more challenging subjects and concepts, and tutoring provides personalized support, helping students grasp complex topics, improve their understanding, and achieve better grades and confidence overall.

High school preparation. The goal of middle school is to get students ready for high school (and beyond), so tutoring is very important to help middle school students prepare for this huge life transition. Middle school is a critical period for preparing students academically and mentally for the transition to high school. Tutoring can help students build a strong foundation in key subjects, ensuring they are better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Benefits of Tutoring and Test Prep in High School

A common theme of tutoring—and something that is especially important to note—is that it’s not only for students who are failing or have poor grades. Students learn in a variety of ways, and each person’s brain functions differently. 

It’s unrealistic for all students to process and retain information in the same way, explained Carrie Rose, a life coach who works with high school seniors and is the founder of SunUp Coaching, LLC. 

“A tutor can be beneficial for any student who is having a hard time with how material is being taught, or even for a student who is not enjoying school,” Rose said. “A good tutor will personalize the material and make it come to life for students of all ages. A solid tutor will first determine how the student learns, and then adjust how they teach the material. This can make learning fun for the student, and rewarding. Most students want to do well and understand what is being taught. It’s human nature to crave success. A tutor is one more adult who is on the student’s team and can offer support beyond what is possible in a typical classroom.”

Test preparation is very important at this age, too. And it’s no secret that high school can be very stressful, so another one of the huge benefits of tutoring and test prep is to help high school students manage their stress levels. 

“With the pressure of exams, college applications and peer competition, tutoring and test prep can help students manage this stress by providing strategies and support to tackle challenges with one-on-one support and attention,” Hernandez explained.

Tutoring and test prep in high school can also help students prepare for their college applications and even learn educational strategies they can use in their college courses, too. 

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