The Advantages of Charter Schools

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The Advantages of Charter Schools

A significant advantage of living in New York is that we have fantastic school resources. One education choice for New York students that continues to grow is Charter Schools. What is a Charter school, and how do they work?

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are independently-operated public schools accountable for advancing student achievement. This combination of freedom and accountability allows charter teachers to adapt their classrooms based on their students’ needs while pushing for high academic achievement. 

New York City’s 274 charter schools are independent of the New York City Department of Education, but they can be closed if they don’t meet certain student achievement standards.

Charter schools offer students opportunities for academic success that unfortunately cannot be said for some of the city’s public schools.

NYC Charter School Specialized Programs

Prospective Charter school parents can find programs that are specialized for students. Among them, 51 schools have enforced programs specifically designed for students with autism or have a student body where more than 25% of students have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for Special Education. And while public and private take the lead in dual language immersion programs Charter schools are starting to add thse programs to ther schools. Currently there are 9 schools that boast dual language programs. The same goes for adding more Pre-k classes to Charter Schools , currently there are a a total of 34 charter schools with pre-K programs.

NYC Charters Do Not Succeed at the Expense of District Schools

A common myth is that as New York’s charter schools succeed, the city’s traditional public schools fail as a result. A 2018 study by the Manhattan Institute concluded that “competition from New York City charter schools has either no effect or a positive effect,” on the city’s traditional public schools.

In fact, district schools have improved significantly as charter schools have spread throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Funding for district schools has also increased as the student population at charter schools has increased over the years.

Charter Schools are Specialized, with No Tuition Costs

Charter teachers adapt their classrooms and teaching methods to the current needs of their students. This freedom in the curriculum, teaching style, school missions and policies resembles that of private schools, enabling charter schools to provide the very best approach to academics that fits their students. Though teachers have flexibility, charter schools are held accountable for high academic achievement levels.

Charter School is a Lottery System

New York City’s charter schools admit students through a lottery system; they can- not select their students. This process gives students from all backgrounds and education levels an equal opportunity to attend and achieve academic success at charter schools.

Charter Students have had Access to Great Schooling. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York, charter schools across the five boroughs immediately transitioned to remote learning that adapted to the students in each classrooms’ needs.

75% of New York’s charter schools had created a remote learning procedure before the March 2020 lockdown. Charter students only had to wait an average of three days to begin remote learning after in-person learning was closed.

Both charter students and teachers had the tools to continue learning and teaching from home. 80% of New York charter schools provided students with devices for remote learning before schools were closed and 98% of New York’s charter school teachers had the technology to conduct remote instruction.

Charter schools have been able to keep students accountable and maintain a high level of learning despite COVID-19 and its ramifications on education. 85% of New York’s charter schools continued to introduce new learning content to students through the pandemic and charter schools were three times more likely to take attendance during remote classes com- pared to traditional schools.

Charter schools also expanded non- academic programs such as social-emotional counseling and family outreach during the pandemic. 75% of charter teachers increased their office hours during remote learning and 91% of charter teachers increased their time spent on communication with families during the pandemic.

Click on your region to jump to charter schools near you:


Advanced Math and Science II

900 Tinton Ave. Bronx


[email protected]

Advanced Math and Science II (AMS II) is a nationally recognized, exemplary, high-performing school often described as a family. Every student in the building has an adult they feel close to and can count on. Students are deeply cared for, and rigorous support is offered to ensure all students meet their full potential. AMS II is a place where all students will be challenged to be the best version of themselves.

AECI 1: The New York Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Sciences

900 Tinton Ave. Bronx


[email protected]

Advanced Math and Science II (AMS II) is a nationally recognized, exemplary, high-performing school often described as a family. Every student in the building has an adult they feel close to and can count on. Students are deeply cared for, and rigorous support is offered to ensure all students meet their full potential. AMS II is a place where all students will be challenged to be the best version of themselves.

American Dream Charter School

Middle School: 510 E. 141st Street, 4th Floor, Bronx

High School: 403 Concord Avenue, Bronx

The American Dream Charter School develops academic excellence in both Spanish and English for grades 6-12, preparing students to excel in college and become leaders in their communities.  The school cultivates a welcoming, encouraging environment for English language learners and immigrant students in the South Bronx. Through their dual-language program, they strive to maintain the scholars’ native language and develop their English language skills as it is proven to accelerate language learning. They also strongly believe that through Project-Based Learning, their students are able to create projects that resemble real-life situations while hitting on the core standards required for success in high school, college and beyond.  Now accepting applications for middle school and high school applicants.

Atmosphere Academy Public Charter Schools

6th & 7th Grade Campus: 22

Marble Hill Avenue, Bronx

8th Grade Campus: 3700

Independence Avenue, Bronx

9th Grade Campus: 5959

Broadway, Bronx

10th & 11th Grade Campus:

3893 Waldo Avenue, Bronx


Atmosphere Academy is a tuition-free public charter middle and high school in the Marble Hill and Riverdale sections of the Bronx. Atmosphere’s rigorous academic program is intentionally designed to promote experiential learning and provide social-emotional support for our scholars. If you are looking for a high-quality middle school or high school, apply to Atmosphere Academy Today!

Brilla Public Charter Schools

Brilla College Prep Elementary 413 E 144th St.

Brilla College Prep Middle School 230 Alexander Ave

Brilla Veritas 600 E 156th St.

Brilla Veritas Middle 500 Courtlandt Ave.

Brilla Caritas 2336 Andrews Ave.

Brilla Pax 2336 Andrews Ave.

Brilla Public Charter Schools, K-8 schools in the classical tradition, help students to grow intellectually, socially, and physically into young men and women of good character and spirit and to be prepared for excellence in high school, college, and beyond. Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now available. Families can apply for seats in grades K-8 in Mott Haven, K-6 in Melrose, and K-3 in University Heights.

Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School

685 E 182nd St, Bronx, NY
(347) 708-0480
Cardinal McCloskey Community Charter School is a free K-5 public charter school located in Belmont. At CMCCS, data-driven instruction meets the needs of individual students while extra-curricular activities reinforce broader learning. Students are supported by multiple instructors in every class while staff such as our social worker and school psychologist ensure all students are supported socially and emotionally. Through the use of the Sanctuary Model, CMCCS utilizes a trauma-informed approach to create a safe and supportive environment where students can thrive and excel.

Equality Charter School

HS: 2141 Seward Avenue, Bronx


MS: 4140 Hutchinson River Parkway East, Bronx


Elementary School: Coming Soon!

Now accepting applications for Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 6-12th Grades. At Equality, they are more than a school; they are a close-knit family. Their dedicated scholars, teachers, and staff share a deep sense of unity. With stable leadership, students feel consistently cared for, supported, and part of something special.

Equality proudly provides: equal emphasis on academics and social-emotional learning, scholar-centered approach, complete with a variety of extracurricular activities and hands-on learning experiences, comprehensive special education and English Language Learning services, an active parent association that partners with school leadership throughout the year, and after school and summer programming to keep students engaged in meaningful experiences all year long! Learn more and apply today!

Leaders In Our Neighborhood (LION) Charter School

K-8: 730 Bryant Avenue, Bronx, NY 10474

9-12: 830 Hunts Point Avenue, Bronx, NY 10474


[email protected]

Founded in 2006, LION Charter School is a public, K-12, college-preparatory school serving nearly 1,000 students, over 700 families, and more than 600 alumni in the Hunts Point neighborhood. They are the largest independent K-12 charter school in New York City. Their academic and character programming emphasize college and career readiness, social and emotional wellness, and personal growth, to ensure the students receive the support they need to achieve their full potential.

Mott Hall Charter School

1260 Franklin Ave., Bronx


[email protected]

Mott Hall’s mission is to prepare scholars in mind, body, and character to succeed in top high schools, colleges, and careers. Mott Hall offers access to community-based organizations focused on mentoring, adult civics classes, adult ESL classes, engaging online platforms to increase student learning, after-school and Saturday tutoring, art, music, softball, basketball, and much more!

University Prep Charter School

Middle School: 470 Jackson Avenue 3rd Fl., Bronx
High School: 600 St. Ann’s Avenue 4th Fl., Bronx, NY
University Prep Middle School (5-8) sends almost all of its students to one of the Bronx’s best high schools, University Prep High School, where 90% of the students go on to 4-year colleges each year. They work hard to improve students’ reading, offer more than 30 after-school programs from 4 to 6 pm each day that are totally free and taught by their staff, and go on over 20 trips throughout the city each year.

Zeta Charter Schools

Zeta Bronx Mount Eden Early Childhood School

1325 Jerome Ave.

Zeta Bronx Mount Eden

Elementary School

1475 Macombs Rd.

Zeta Bronx Tremont Park

Elementary School

1910 Arthur Ave.

Zeta South Bronx Elementary


425 Westchester Ave.

Zeta Bronx Middle School

425 Westchester Ave.


[email protected]

Zeta schools are free, high-performing schools that combine a caring, whole-child approach and world-class academics with unrivaled opportunities for students to discover joy through art, dance, chess, music, sports and Taekwondo. Zeta’s approach helps students develop the confidence, awareness, and knowledge to prepare them for future access and leadership. Zeta’s Bronx schools will serve children from Pre-K through 7th grade for the 2024-25 school year and grow by a grade each year to eventually serve students through 12th grade.


Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Locations throughout Brooklyn

(CSD 13 &15)

718-643-1086 ext 4016

Brooklyn Prospect is a K-12 college preparatory network of seven schools where excellent educators support a diverse community of learners to explore their passions, make positive social change, and achieve strong academic outcomes. Brooklyn Prospect Schools is an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school community with the purpose of giving students the education they need to thrive in a global community. Brooklyn Prospect’s outstanding results can be credited to what happens when world class academics are combined with a commitment to racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and linguistic diversity in the classroom. In addition to outstanding music, arts, and theatre enrichment classes, all Prospect Schools have after-school programming until 6 PM every day and invest in students’ physical and mental well-being with outdoor activities, sports, and socio-emotional curriculum built into every school day.

Community Roots Charter School

Elementary: 51 Saint Edwards Street, Floor 3, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Middle: 50 Navy Street, Floor 3, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Elementary: (718) 858-1629

Middle: (718) 522-2166

Community Roots Charter School is an inclusive and empowering public learning community serving grades Kindergarten through 8 where education is embedded in meaningful real-world contexts and children are deliberately taught to see the connections between school and the world. Community Roots students will meet or exceed the Common Core Standards and be prepared to excel in the 21st century by becoming independent thinkers and working productively within a diverse group of learners. Here, students learn to combine curiosity with appropriate application, which leads to deep understanding and the confidence to become who they want to be. Located in District 13, Community Roots is co-located in two DOE buildings at 50 Navy Street (grades 6-8), and 51 Saint Edwards Street (grades K-5). Contact or apply today!

Coney Island Prep 

Lower Elementary School:
8787 24th Ave- Brooklyn, NY 11214

(718) 676-4755

Middle School:

501 West Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
(718) 513-6951
High School:
294 Avenue T Brooklyn, NY 11223
(718) 676-1063

Coney Island Prep is a K-12 school that boasts a 100% college acceptance rate along with funding for college and alumni support. If you want your child to thrive in academics and life, choose a school that prioritizes literacy and social-emotional learning to develop the next generation of lifelong learners and compassionate citizens. Choose Coney Island Prep. Applications are now open! Visit to apply.

Explore Schools

Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Flatbush, & Canarsie

718- 989-6730

Explore Schools of Brooklyn has committed to the charge of providing students with the academic skills and critical thinking abilities they need to succeed in a college preparatory high school. They serve students in grades Kindergarten through 8 across central Brooklyn, NY.  Their curriculum is aligned to the common core, and they are committed to creating a culturally responsive program, and provide special education services. Their academic program is strong, as more of their students perform proficiently or higher on NYS Exams than other city and district public schools. Now enrolling for the current and upcoming school year welcome you to join their growing community.

Hellenic Classical Charter School

646 5th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215


The Hellenic Classical Charter Schools provide their diverse student populations with a rigorous education enriched with the classical study of the Greek and Latin languages, Paideia Socratic Seminars, and career and college ready curriculum, preparing students for long term academic success.  HCCS-Park Slope was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2019. HCCS ranks among the top New York City charter schools and is designated a Repeat Reward School and High Performing School by the New York State Education Department.

La Cima Elementary Charter School

800 Gates Avenue, 3rd Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11221


La Cima means the peak of a mountain in Spanish. The K-5 school has been serving students for fifteen years. Their philosophy is grounded in the spirit of Restorative Practices via four C.A.R.E. principles – Community, Accountability, Reconciliation, Effective Effort. They believe that every child can develop the skills to la cima (peak).  In preparation for the 2024-2025 school year they have expanded Kindergarten enrollment to 3 classes, as well as welcoming scholars in 1st – 5th grade. They are also opening up a K-2 12:1 setting to ensure that students with disabilities are appropriately supported and afforded an opportunity to select a charter school to address their academic needs. Enroll Today!

LEEP Dual Language Academy Charter School

5323 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn

(917) 819-LEEP (5337)

LEEP Dual Language Academy Charter School is a tuition-free Spanish-language immersion elementary charter school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Their teachers implement research-based instructional practices to foster academic excellence and language development in Spanish and English to empower scholars to become bicultural, bilingual, and biliterate by 5th grade. Scholars are provided with tools to develop the cultural understanding and virtuous habits necessary to thrive as successful learners, positive workers, loving family members, and civically engaged participants of our multicultural society. Students learn and practice 5 Core Virtues: Cariño/Love, Respeto/Respect, Valentía/Courage, Gratitud/Gratitude, and Alegría/Joy. LEEP Academy fosters community with families through open communication, active participation, and support beyond the classroom. Transportation, Special Education support, Counseling Services and Afterschool programming are available. Learn more or apply now at:

Williamsburg Charter High School

198 Varet St., Brooklyn


[email protected]

WCHS unites youth, families, staff, teachers and the community at large in providing young people with the tools necessary to become citizens of the local and global community. Students at WCHS accomplish this through participation in a liberal arts education that includes language, literature, writing, science, history, mathematics, the visual and performing arts, technology and explorations in justice, independent thinking, respect and compassion for themselves and others as well as critical thinking, communication and research.


American Dream Charter School

652 W. 187th St.


The American Dream School in Washington Heights, opening fall 2024, offers a distinctive bilingual education, starting with Kindergarten and 1st Grade and expanding to 5th Grade in future years. Committed to academic excellence in Spanish and English, the school aims to cultivate future leaders. Its program focuses on a solid bilingual foundation and life skills development. Ensuring students maintain language proficiency and gain English fluency, applications for this unique educational opportunity are now open!

Broome Street Academy Charter High School

121 Avenue of the Americas


[email protected]

Broome Street Academy, a public charter high school in SoHo, offers a dynamic environment with holistic resources including arts, college, and career programs, co-located with The Door. Social workers provide individualized support and dedicated teachers guide students toward graduation. BSA also offers athletics, clubs, and AP courses. Applications for the 9th-grade lottery for the 2024-2025 school year are open until April 1,2024 with limited seats available for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.

Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School

2041 Madison Ave.


[email protected]

Capital Prep Harlem is a public, tuition-free charter school providing children grades 6-12 with a rigorous college preparatory education with a social justice lens. Capital Prep’s mission is to equip scholars with the college and career readiness skills to succeed in college and beyond, and exists to change the narrative that a child’s race, zip code, or socio-economic status defines their capacity to achieve. 100% of Capital Prep graduates have been accepted to 4-year colleges.

East Harlem Scholars Academy I Elementary School

2050 2nd Ave.

212-897-2897, Extension 2304

East Harlem Scholars Academy II Elementary School

1573 Madison Ave.


East Harlem Scholars Academy Middle School

2050 Second Ave.

212-897-2897 Ext. 1101

East Harlem Scholars Academy High School

1 East 104th St.

212-897-2898, Extension 1104


East Harlem Scholars Academy Schools prepare students with the academic skills, strength of character, and emotional well-being to excel in high school and college. Scholars Academies are operated by EHTP, a community-based organization that has been providing educational opportunities since 1958. With a community that fosters a culture of learning, service, kindness, and respect. It incorporates responsive classroom and restorative practices to create joyful, academically challenging classes where children feel safe and valued. A new 70,000 sq. ft. high school building will open in 2024, enhancing the school’s  commitment to students and success.

Manhattan Charter Schools

100 Attorney St.


[email protected]

Manhattan Charter School operates two schools on the Lower East Side, committed to providing its students with the tools and support necessary for success. MCS provides students a rigorous curriculum of core subjects to ensure high levels of academic achievement. They are committed to offering a well-rounded education designed to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students receive music instruction every day. Other enrichment programs include French, art, physical education, and technology.

New York City Charter School of the Arts

26 Broadway, 12th Floor


[email protected]

Education Redefined and Revolutionized: New York City Charter School of the Arts is the only NY public charter middle school (Grades 6-8) dedicated to the synergy of artistic, academics, and social/emotional learning as a model for whole child education. Their focus on multiple perspectives gives students a rich experience and prepares them for a wide range of high school opportunities. Applications are open

WHIN Music Community Charter School

517 West 164th Street, New York, NY

[email protected]


WHIN Music Community Charter School is built on the principles of El Sistema where staff, families, and students work together to ensure every child reaches their full potential. The school makes academics a priority while also ensuring students’ character and social-emotional growth. With music at the school’s core, students work together to create something bigger than their individual skills, and this approach extends to their classrooms where project-based, hands-on learning cultivates curious, creative, and hardworking children. Visit the website for more information and Apply for 2024-25 at

Zeta Charter Schools – Manhattan

Zeta Inwood Elementary School

401 West 218th St.

Zeta Manhattan Middle School

401 West 218th St.


[email protected]

Zeta schools are free, high- performing schools that combine a caring whole-child approach and world-class academics with unrivaled opportunities for students to discover joy through art, dance, chess, music, sports, and Taekwondo. Zeta’s approach helps students develop the confidence, awareness, and knowledge for future access and leadership. Zeta’s Manhattan schools will serve children from Pre-K through 7th grade for the 2024-25 school year, and grow by a grade each year to eventually serve students through 12th grade.


Advanced Math and Science IV

156-10 Baisley Blvd, South Jamaica, NY, 11434


[email protected]

AMS IV’s is a STEAM school where the culture is centered on PRIDE – Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence. Their scholars experience a family-like atmosphere that prioritizes project-based learning and supports their Social and Emotional needs. Through an advisory structure, staff ensures a strong connection between the school community and families. AMS IV offers scholar supports that foster life skills beyond graduation; by way of courses focused in College & Career Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Health& Wellness.

The Renaissance Charter School

35-59 81st Street

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


[email protected]

TRCS believes in educating the whole child. They believe that happy students are more motivated to learn and lead. They’re small by design, and students there form friendships that last a lifetime. They offer visual arts, drama, and music, plus Mandarin in elementary school and Spanish / Spanish Heritage in middle and high school. Enrichment programs begin in kindergarten and continue through high school. Their ELA and math tutoring programs support ongoing, academic growth customized to each student.

The Renaissance Charter School 2

45-20 83rd Street

Elmhurst, NY 11373

917- 242-3505

[email protected]

TRCS 2 in Elmhurst is fully committed to the principles of humanistic leadership, global citizenship, and strong academics. During a visit to their new facility, you’ll witness students engaged in hands-on learning, starting with morning meeting (lower school) and advisory (high school). Children thrive in their welcoming school community through student services such as social workers, ELL teachers, a parent coordinator, and a small teacher-to-student ratio. For 2024-2025, they will offer grades K-6th, 9th, and 10th grades.

Voice Charter School

Upper Campus (3-8): 36-24 12th St., Long Island City
Lower Campus (K-2): 37-15 13th St., Long Island City


VOICE Charter School is an elementary and middle school located in Long Island City, Queens. They combine rigorous academics with daily instruction in choral singing, encouraging creative and critical thinking while improving academic performance. The mission of VOICE Charter School is to develop every child into a caring human being, full of wonder, who can work hard to reach a place where he or she can choose from many great paths that will lead to a life of purpose, happiness and fulfillment. Visit the website for more information or Apply now here:

Staten Island

Bridge Prep Charter School

715 Ocean Terrace


[email protected]

Bridge Prep Charter School is a diverse community of learners that serves elementary school students from every zip code across Staten Island. As the city’s only public school that is both rooted in the Science of Reading and committed to the development of the whole child, Bridge Prep’s unique, rigorous academic program has a proven track record of success in improving literacy outcomes and supporting language development for learners at all levels.

Hellenic Classical Charter Schools

1641 Richmond Avenue


The Hellenic Classical Charter Schools provide their diverse student populations with a rigorous education enriched with the classical study of the Greek and Latin languages, Paideia Socratic Seminars, and career and college ready curriculum, preparing students for long term academic success.  HCCS-Park Slope was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2019. HCCS ranks among the top New York City charter schools and is designated a Repeat Reward School and High Performing School by the New York State Education Department.

New World Preparatory Charter School

285 Clove Road

718-705-8990 Ext. 211

[email protected]

New World Preparatory Charter School (NWP) is a public college preparatory charter school serving kindergarten through 8th Grade. NWP’s Guiding Values are Pride, Respect, Excellence, and Purpose. NWP supports the academic, social and emotional needs of their students. They primarily serve the North Shore Community of Staten Island. Lottery preference is given to scholars who come from a home where English is not the primary language spoken in the home. NWP’s new building will be open in 2024.

Staten Island Hebrew Public Charter School

829 Father Capodanno Blvd.


[email protected]

Staten Island Hebrew Public is a tuition-free charter school open to students of all backgrounds. Serving the community in a state-of-the-art facility in Midland Beach, our school fosters a culture of academic excellence. At Staten Island Hebrew Public, students receive daily instruction in Modern Hebrew, coupled with rigorous literacy, math, and science programming. With a focus on global citizenship, they provide a holistic educational experience to ensure future success for every student.


Amani Public Charter School

60 S Third Ave., Mount Vernon


[email protected]

The Mission of Amani Public Charter School is to provide 100% of Mount Vernon students who attend the school from 5th-8th grade with the academic and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in competitive high school programs, college, and the career of their choice.

The Charter School of Educational Excellence

260 Warburton Ave, Yonkers


The Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE) is a regional charter school open to students in grades k-12 who reside in Westchester, Rockland, and Bronx counties. In partnership with parents, teachers, and community, CSEE instills in students a passion for learning to be critical thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners. Their curriculum fosters a healthy body and mind course of study that has been recognized by the NYS Department of Education as an “Exceptional School” for its academic program.

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<p>Our mission is to provide an engaging learning experience in a supportive environment where students are free to explore their passions, embrace their challenges and find a community of teachers and friends who understand and accept them as they are.</p> <p>Academics:</p> <p>To meet the unique needs of gifted and 2e learners – students who may have co-occurring learning challenges along with their gifts – we provide a gifted-level curriculum with built-in scaffolding, developed by credentialed experts in both gifted education and special education, as well as subject-area experts. Small, discussion-based classes ensure our students can engage in stimulating conversation with intellectual peers while receiving individualized attention and support.</p> <p>Talent Development and Experiential Learning:</p> <p>Central to our program is our strengths-based, interest-based approach to learning. All FlexSchool students pursue personal passion projects and choose from a diverse menu of enrichment activities and electives designed to support exploration and talent development. Our signature FlexFriday experiential learning program provides essential connections between classroom learning and the real world.</p> <p>Executive Functioning and Learning Support:</p> <p>All FlexSchool students have access to an extensive range of accommodations, including breaks as needed, daily executive functioning support, flexible seating, extended time, assistive technology and more. Learning Specialist support is available on every FlexSchool campus.</p> <p>Social-Emotional Learning and School Counseling:</p> <p>Our caring team of certified school counselors, under the guidance of a consulting psychologist, provide robust social-emotional learning and social pragmatics programming. Students are welcome to visit the school counselor at any time – no appointment necessary. FlexSchool counselors also maintain a collaborative relationship with parents and outside providers.</p> <p>Rolling admissions:</p> <p>We understand that student needs don’t always neatly align with the academic calendar, so FlexSchool admits students on a rolling basis. To learn more, join FlexSchool founder Jacqui Byrne live via Zoom for a Virtual Open House. To receive a call from our admissions team, inquire online, email us at [email protected] or call 908-279-0787.</p>

The French American Academy

<p><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; color: #000000;" data-sheets-value="{" data-sheets-userformat="{">We believe that learning a second language at an early age is a life-long advantage which will benefit our children both academically and cognitively. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive, nurturing, international learning environment where students can develop fully in both French and English.</span></p>


<p><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; color: #000000;" data-sheets-value="{" data-sheets-userformat="{">At LREI we understand that students learn best when they are engaged. That’s why our 14-year progressive program is rooted in a fundamental love of learning and a connection to the real world. Our teachers, experts in their fields, encourage children to use their curiosity, compassion and imagination to think deeply and to participate in finding solutions to real problems.</span></p>