Are Skinny Jeans Totally Over? The Best Jeans Styles for New York Moms

Finding the perfect jean can be nerve-wracking. Right up there with swimsuit shopping, the process can be frustrating. And then there is the jean style lingo that is ever-changing. Here is what we do know about the perfect jean. A great jean will change from time to time in your wardrobe. With any clothing as our bodies change so is how we wear clothes. We know it can be annoying to try on cuts that only work for specific body types. With fashion, in general, this is often the case. The good news is there is a jean for you. Here are the best eight jeans for the busy mom!

What is what in jean terminology?

Mom Jean Style

How to wear this popular cut
It’s time to rethink the mom jean. The urban dictionary describes the mom jean as ‘often seen on the 40+ crowd, mom jeans are too high, too tight, tapered leg jeans which manage to showcase any bodily flaw the wearer has.’ Ouch. Let’s rephrase this in a friendlier context. This jean is for you. Not your partner. Not if you are sexing up your denim game. The good news is that there are modified versions that are contemporary and designed to show off your best assets.

Skinny Jean

How to choose an updated skinny
Is the skinny jean finite? It depends on how you look at it. The skinny jean like many trends had a great run. To say this style is over is untrue. Is it currently on trend? No, but this does not mean you should Marie Kondo your skinnies. The only reason you should purge a skinny is if they no longer serve a style purpose in your wardrobe. Our suggestion when looking for this style is choosing one that feels updated. The new look of these jeans is not as low cut as they were a few years ago. Select a cut that has a mid to high waist which is a more current cut. Be open to new terms like slim and lean. Opt out of super light washes, and dark always looks the most flattering. Skip massive tears and holes – this look is outdated. Minimal gaps and sleek always wins.

Straight Jean

Give this recently modified style a go
There was a time when straight jeans didn’t get any love. It is easy to see why. A straight cut traditionally was for a slender frame until very recent. Not cool. As this style has gone from niche to every day, wearable styles have started to pop up. Thankfully there are super cute cuts now available in the straight leg world. Straight has come a long way- finally!

Boyfriend Jean

Wear this ultra-comfy jean day and night
When the boyfriend style first appeared it was quite baggy. The jean was worn with heels to achieve a more flattering look. Women loved the comfort of this cut– however, wearing it as a daily jean wasn’t feasible. Now Boyfriend Jeans can now be found in all jean cuts. So yay to this!