Take a ride under the sea

Take a ride beneath the sea in the SeaGlass Carousel opening on Aug. 20 at The Battery.

The new one-of-a-kind ride features a huge nautilus shell with 30 luminescent fish to give you the ride of your life. Unlike traditional carousels, this one has you sitting inside the fish instead of on top — letting you glide through the sights and sounds of a 360-degree aquatic adventure.

Visitors walk through the beautiful Tiffany and Company Foundation Woodland Gardens before reaching the brand-new attraction.

SeaGlass Carousel is open daily beginning Aug. 20, from 10 am to 10 pm and costs $5 per ride. Access to the Battery and gardens is free.

SeaGlass Carousel (The Battery at the Battery Park Underpass in Lower Manhattan; www.thebattery.org)