Summer Fruit Picking Near NYC: A Family Experience!

A well-loved summer activity, farm fruit picking is truly where memories are made. Watch your little ones try to wrap their tiny hands around a peach the size of a softball, take part in the family competition to find the most perfect apple, and leave the farm with berry juice all over your hands (and maybe your kids’ mouths). Children love the feeling of independence that U-pick farms grant them; they get to pick out their own fruit and then enjoy the fruit of their labors (pun very much intended). And many farms offer even more activities that contribute to the family experience, including hayrides, petting zoos, pony rides, and various fruit festivals. While families in New Jersey may be familiar with U-pick farms, these farms aren’t all that common in New York City, so your kids will surely love the surprise of the vast, open fields and activities characteristic to farms. And when their faces light up with joy, capture the moment in a photo! We’ve collected the best farms near New York City to pick your own fruit this summer, so gather the family and embark on your picking adventure.

A helpful tip…be mindful of the weather, as often farms get pretty muddy if it rains the day before or the day of. If the day you planned to go picking turns out to be rainy, check out the exciting indoor activities in NYC to do instead, like a visit to The Color Factory: New York’s Brightest Attraction Reviewed by us!