Subscription Boxes to Get You Through Quarantine

Subscription Boxes to Get You Through Quarantine

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to have food and ingredients, arts and crafts, snacks, drinks, books, and more delivered right to your doorstep during a time when you’re trying to stay home and quarantine as much as possible? Well, the good news is that you totally can if you purchase a subscription to any of the boxes we have listed here, many of which have coupon codes and promotions available! Whether it’s for you, your kids, your furry friends, or a box for the whole family, there is a wide variety of subscriptions to choose from, and there is truly something for everyone. Quarantine has certainly made it more difficult to go out and browse the stores, so you might consider removing some of the hassle by having shipments of goodies brought to your home each month that will help keep you and your family busy and smiling!

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If you live in the kitchen and want to try exciting new products, CrateChef makes it easy. Every other month, CrateChef features a different chef, cookbook, author, cooking show star, restaurateur, recipe developer, or food blogger. In each box, there are 5-7 items that represent the featured curator’s favorite things that are shared with you! All items are shelf-stable and include a CrateChef Product Card that introduces the featured curator and the full list of product descriptions. They also include exclusive recipes to show you how to use the products in the box. This is a great way to try new culinary items and learn expert tricks to improve your cooking. All boxes are delivered straight to your door at $45 per month.

Tinker Crate by KiwiCo

Tinker Crate by KiwiCo

Geared toward ages 9 to 14, this subscription box is an excellent way to keep kids engaged, learning and having fun with hands-on activities that will aid them in their STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math) skills. The company makes it easy for customers who might want to skip a month, cancel at any time, or even try different versions of the box. United States shipping is free, the subscription is $20.00 a month, and you can get your first month for 40% off with available coupon codes! The box includes all of the necessary materials for the projects, as well as inspiration and directions to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.



For those of us who have been turning to online shopping while in quarantine to fill our shopping needs, Kidpik is here to help and make it more fun with your own personal stylist! When you purchase a subscription to Kidpik, you’ll have the luxury of designing and personalizing outfits for your kids and having them dropped at your doorstep. You can style, have the clothes shipped, and exchange any items for free. You don’t even have to keep everything in the box, but if you choose to, you’ll also receive 30% off your purchase. Your first try is free, and there are plenty of online coupons to bring down the cost of your subscription. Each box includes three complete outfits, including shoes!

Think Outside

Think Outside Box

For $39.95 a month, you can get this subscription box that is perfect for any adventure-lover. It includes ideas for the whole family to explore the outdoors. The guided projects encourage teamwork and teach kids how to navigate by the stars. Designed as a year-long service, this subscription will provide you and your family with essentials to build an outdoor survival kit, including necessary gear and resources. In addition to free shipping, get 10% off of any subscription box order with the code HELLO10!



Reading is a great way to pass the time and escape reality when you need to. With this subscription box, your kids will be excited each month by a surprise gift box that includes books chosen by reading experts, librarians, parents and kids, all for $24.94 a month. You’ll have a hassle-free, in-home library of treasured, quality reads that your kids will adore. Bookroo offers a Board Book Subscription (three board books per month, ages 0-3), a Picture Book Subscription (two hardcover picture books per month, ages 2-6) and a Chapter Book Subscription (two chapter books per month, ages 7-10).

Walt Life


Walt Life Box Contents

Get Disney delivered to your door with a subscription box that will come fully-stocked with licensed Disney goodies and merchandise each month. You can even find exclusive products from the parks! Each month, you’ll choose from a variety of boxes, customize it to your liking so it’s perfect for you or whoever you’re ordering it for. And then, your box will be shipped for free and you’ll get the magic of Disney delivered to your doorstep! And for a limited time only, you can now get a Disney umbrella that is available in any box! Boxes start at $30.00 and range in price based on the items inside, so you’re free to choose your budget and how much you want.


Dog with Bark Box

Don’t forget about your four-legged family members! With this subscription box for dogs, you’ll receive four or more products specifically tailored to your pup each month for a monthly payment of $29.00. Included are items like toys and treats, food, grooming products and more. If you want, there is also an option for a Super Chewer Box: a box filled with the most durable products, including stuffing-free toys and all-natural chews for the dog who wreaks havoc on their toys and treats! And for this box in particular, you can choose a plan that works for you, and get 50% off with a multi-month subscription.



Bring the scents of each season into your home each month for just $10 a month with this candle subscription box. Vellabox delivers artisan-crafted candles that are tailored to and inspired by seasonal smells. Every box features a new candle-maker that uses all-natural wax, cotton braided wicks, and premium fragrance oils. Each box also includes a surprise lifestyle gift — a great subscription box for loved ones.

Mighty Essentials

Contents of a Mighty Essentials box

Priced at $9 a month, this is a relatively simple but super useful subscription box that delivers everyday essentials right to your home, all of which are eco-friendly. The contents of the subscription boxes may range from skin care to health supplements to home goods. This is also a company that donates to charity, so your purchase is not only benefiting you and your family but others in need as well!

You Matter! Box

You Matter Box

This box is extra useful during a time like this. Many people are feeling down and anxious due to the current states of the world. The You Matter! subscription box is a feel-good, positive way to promote self-love with encouraging and thoughtful gifts and activities inside each box for $35 each month. The box is recommended for ages 9-12, you can choose from different box sizes and versions, and shipping is free.


Cat with KitNip Box

We’ve covered the subscription boxes for dogs, so we can’t forget about our purrfect pals. This subscription box offers goodies for kitties like quality toys, healthy and nutritious food and treats, and more to keep your cat happy and busy playing (whenever they’re not sleeping, that is.) A subscription costs $19.99 per month, and even less when you apply any of the many coupon codes available from their website.

Bean Box

Bean Box coffee

For your monthly caffeine fix, try a subscription box that sends you freshly-roasted coffee from the best artisans in Seattle. Each Sampler box ($20) contains four unique samples from different roasters every month. You can also order the Bag box and get one 12 oz bag every month ($20), or twice a month ($34). Quality coffee like this is a surefire way to keep your energy up and give you the boost you need while stuck at home!

Game Night Gear

Game Night Gear box

Here’s a subscription box that will provide fun for the whole family. Each month, your box will come with a new awesome game for $30, you can cancel at any time or even just skip a month. And be on the lookout as sometimes there will also be an extra piece of merchandise thrown in just for being a valued subscriber!

Crafty Box


This is not your average craft subscription box, with this box, you’ll also get a delicious snack from a business that specializes in hand-crafted, responsibly-sourced goods along with your detailed DIY guide and materials. All of this for $34.95 a month, and you can skip any month if you choose to!

Totally Booked Crate

Totally Booked - Young Adult crate

This is a subscription box for young adult and romance readers. For $29.99 a month, you’ll be the owner of a new release/bestselling book and three to five goodies for book-lovers. You will always get a candle in each box, and the company tries to always include an author letter, signed bookplate/book, and other book-related swag. You can cancel online at any time, or skip a month, and shipping in the United States is an extra $9.99.

Mindful Art

Mindful Art box contents

Perfect for anyone who wants to relax and de-stress through art, this subscription box is only $10 a month and incredibly personalized. With each box, you’ll receive one archival-quality 5″x7″ letterpress print, one envelope to share last month’s art with a friend and a description of the art you receive, why company personnel chose it, and how they hope it inspires you to live mindfully!