DIY: Story Stones to Inspire Story Time

How to make a set of stones that can help guide your imagination for story time

Make a set of story stones by drawing out characters, places, and objects onto pebbles, which you can either collect from a beach or pick up from a garden center. If you don’t want to draw the pictures, you could also add stickers to the stones; just make sure you add a layer of varnish to hold them in place. Keep the pebbles in a bag and draw them out at random to build a whimsical little tale that will keep little ones enthralled.

You will need:

  • 10-15 smooth pebbles
  • White acrylic spray paint (optional)
  • Colored permanent markers
  • Gloss craft varnish
  • Paintbrush 


step 1 paint stones white

1. If you would like the pebbles to be white (you can leave them natural if you prefer, but the pictures will show up better on a light surface), spread them out on a sheet of newspaper outside and spray them with the paint. This should only be done by an adult. Leave the pebbles to dry for nearly 30 minutes before flipping them over and spraying on the other side.


step 2 draw picture on stone

2. Draw a picture on each pebble in permanent marker pen. Cover surfaces and clothing and supervise children using these pens.


finished story stones

3. Brush a thin layer of varnish over the pebbles to seal in the color and to add some shine.


Story Stone Picture Ideas

  • Characters: King, queen, mermaid
  • Places: Castle, forest, mountain
  • Objects: Key, map, balloon
  • Creatures: Kangaroo, unicorn, dragon
  • Transport: Boat, bus, plane
  • Food: Ice cream, apple, pizza


big book of 100 little activities cover Reprinted with permission from GMC Publications, The Big Book of 100 Little Activities © 2016 by Laura Minter and Tia Williams, RRP $19.95. Available from all good bookshops.

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