StickerYou Gets You Ready for Summer


If you’re a kid, there’s nothing quite like summer. The weather is great, there’s no school, and it’s a time to just goof off and have fun with friends and family. It’s also a great time for parents to create child-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy. And the good news is that you don’t need to plan an exotic vacation or outing to create experiences that kids will remember for a lifetime.

StickerYou offers a wide range of products that turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones. One activity that every kid loves is putting on temporary tattoos. These are a great bonding experience, especially if all of the kids have matching images, and thanks to StickerYou, all you need to do is upload a picture of your choice and in just a few days you will receive as many temporary tattoos as you need.

Another crowd pleaser is iron-ons, which can be put on everything from shirts to backpacks to bathing suits. Again, all you need to do is upload an image through the StickerYou site and await your unique decals to come through. And not only do they look great, but they only take a few seconds to apply with an iron. It really is that easy.

Of course, stickers are always popular with kids. All you need to do is look at any bicycle in the schoolyard, and you will see that kids love to personalize their rides. Again, you can pick literally any design in the world and have Stickeryou transform it into stickers. And one of the best parts is that there are no minimum orders meaning if you only need five or six stickers you don’t need to order a roll of hundreds of them.


The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, and there’s no better way to give kids a memorable summer than to allow them to express themselves and connect with their friends and relatives. And as the weather gets warmer, now is the time to start preparing.