16 Spring Break Camps for Kids to Check Out This Year

16 Spring Break Camps for Kids to Check Out This Year

With public schools going out of session soon, there are tons of spring break camps for kids to enjoy over the week. We’ve compiled a list of the best camp options available this spring both in person and online. They’ll keep kids entertained and learning outside of the classroom in a way they won’t forget. Whether your kids are into sports, robots, art or just being outdoors, they’ll find something that fits their interests here.

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Kids enjoying soccer at sports camp

Sports Camps

Aerial Haven

Ages: 5-12

Who hasn’t dreamed of joining the circus? Aerial Haven is the chance to make that dream a reality with their circus focused spring break camps for kids. They’ll be able to participate in yoga, aerial lessons, tumbling, juggling lessons, balancing, and even more. Your entire family will be able to enjoy their recorded performance at the end of the week to keep the experience immortalized in film. It’s a wildly unique opportunity that your kids will enjoy, and may never get the chance to do again.

Asphalt Green

Ages: 4-12

Asphalt Green is providing opportunities to keep your kids active and developing teamwork skills during their time off. Their mini camps put kids into small groups with instructors, giving them the chance to interact and work with other kids their age. Their daily activities may include swimming, martial arts, soccer, basketball, and more. These programs will give your kids the chance to make social bonds while getting the physical activity they need every day.

Aviator Sports

Ages: 5-14

Aviator Sports has created a safe space where kids can participate in small group activities that will keep them active all day long. Aviator has worked hard to create a non-competitive environment that encourages community and connection amongst the kids. Their activities include soccer, tennis, relay races, bocce ball, kickball, and other team-building exercises. It’s a chance for your kids to enjoy sports and activities without fear about their performance, so instead they can just focus on having fun.

Gotham Gymnastics

Ages: 3 and up

Gotham Gymnastics is offering spring break camps for kids that will get them up and moving. They can swing from the bars, jump over the vault, and somersault across the floor all within the careful eye of trained instructors. They have options for week long experiences or just one day mini camps. They’ll keep your kids engaged and active during their break in a fun and exciting way they’re sure to enjoy.

girl painting at art camp

Arts Camps

Art Lab

Ages: 6-12

Your kids can practice their painting and other art skills here at Art Lab. They help kids study some of the most influential artists, and use them to inspire kids to create their own work. Over spring break, they’ll be offering a more comprehensive program where kids can explore art from lots of diverse artists with unique styles they can learn from. They are offering courses both online and in person so kids can increase their art skills from anywhere.

Child’s Play

Ages: Vary by Class

If your child loves theatre and storytelling, Child’s Play has camps that will work for them. These camps are online and promote kid’s creativity through performance and imagination. Their activities include singing, dancing, and creating stories in a small group setting. They have two upcoming spring break camps for kids to enjoy — an adventure series where kids will venture into different journeys and Narnia drama where they can read and adapt theatre materials from the C.S Lewis classic.

Creatively Wild Art Studio

Ages: 5-16

Creatively Wild Art Studio is offering spring break camps for kids that will stimulate their imaginations and allow them to create anything their mind can come up with. They provide kids with a safe space where they feel free to make anything they want and express their individuality through their art. Their talented instructors will give kids the basic skills to create their art, but they’ll never restrict what your child can do with their own canvas.


Ages: 6 and up

PLAYDAY is providing a safe place for kids to explore their art skills, and relate their work to the world around them. Each child will be given a workstation both indoors and outdoors that are socially distanced from one another, and will be given activities from trained art instructors to develop their skills. The spring camp will be focused on the Spring Solstice, animal life, bright colors, weather, nature, and planet earth. It’s the perfect camp for any creative child who wants to explore nature at the same time.

Taste Buds Kitchen

Ages: 4-15

Taste Buds Kitchen has created online and in person cooking spring break camps for kids to get involved with this year. These courses put kids in the kitchen where they can learn interesting new recipes with skilled instructors and other students. It’s a unique creative outlet for kids where they can invent their own recipes and interact with other young chefs. It gives kids some basic life skills in a fun and exciting way they’ll enjoy throughout the entire break.

Treasure Trunk Theatre

Ages: 3-6 

This year Treasure Trunk Theatre has several Outdoor Lion King spring break camps for kids to participate in across NYC. Kids will get the chance to learn dance choreography, act out stories, work on art projects, and more. Everything will be inspired by the Disney classic and give kids the chance to enter the world of this beloved movie. This camp will help kids build confidence and get them excited about theatre they can get involved with in the future.

Kid enjoying robots at STEM camp

STEM Camps

The Brooklyn Strategist

Ages: 6-15

The Brooklyn Strategist has created a board game camp for kids to enjoy during their time off. Your kids will get the opportunity to play some of their favorite classics, learn new games, and even start creating their own. Playing these board games with other kids will help your kids increase their social skills and work through basic problem solving. It’s a unique camp premise that kids will remember for a long time.

Geek Forest

Ages: 8-12+

Geek Forest is providing lots of different remote camp opportunities for kids. They have options for kids interested in D&D, game design, video production, comic storytelling, and more. Your kids can join this nonjudgemental group, and feel free to express themselves. This safe environment will bring joy to your kids and introduce them to a larger world around them full of people who love all the same things they do.


Ages: 3-10

Nory is a STEM program focused on getting kids involved with robotics and science for their school break. Your kids will get the chance to build robots, create engineering structures, explore crazy science experiments, and lots of other exciting STEM activities. These great instructors have created stimulating projects that will enthrall your kids and teach them basic STEM skills that they might not always get in school.

Tech Explorers

Ages: 5-12

Let your kids spend their spring break exploring all the things technology has to offer. Tech Explorers is offering camps that focus on getting kids involved in STEM activities they can enjoy long after the program is over. They can learn things like 3D animation, coding, lego robotics, adventure game design, and more. There’s so much to learn in the world of STEM and Tech Explorers has the perfect camps to get started.

Kids running around outside at camp

Outdoor Camps

CinemaKidz: Survivor Kids

Surround your kids with nature while also engaging their social and creative skills with this unique spring break opportunity. CinemaKidz has created an authentic Survivor experience in which kids will learn basic survival skills while also allowing them to play in their own version of the classic TV show. They’ll get to participate in the interactive game, and then edit the footage to create their own show. It’s a fun way to get kids to learn wilderness skills and video production all at once without them ever getting bored.

Trail Blazers

Get your kids bundled up for this outdoor experience where they can explore nature and get out of the city. Trail Blazers has overnight camping experience in a beautiful campsite in northern New Jersey (transportation provided from their Brooklyn location), and day camps that take place in Prospect Park during school breaks. They’ll teach your kids about the creatures and plants around them while also giving them an environment to connect with other students outside of the classroom.

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