Sports for Girls in Brooklyn: Programs Worth Checking Out

Sports for Girls in Brooklyn: Programs Worth Checking Out

There is no debate that sports plays a pivotal role in girls’ lives. Sports contribute immensely to their physical, mental, and social development. Outside the physical activity aspect – immersing in sports encourages essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience, a vital learning experience for young girls that will help them navigate life challenges on and off the field.

In Brooklyn, many sports opportunities and classes provide these values in their programs. Here are some worth checking out!


Park Slope United Soccer Club

Prospect Park & Downtown Brooklyn



Park Slope United is a full-service youth soccer club, with programs for girls of all skill-levels. Whether it is skills-based beginner lessons in their Developmental Class program, joining up with your first team in their intermediate-level Select League recreational program, or striving to be the best travel soccer player in Brooklyn with their affiliate club, Brooklyn United Academy, PSU has a program perfectly suited for any girl who loves soccer. The club’s player development model emphasizes the development of great people – not just great players. This philosophy is actively applied to every PSU program offered.  Join PSU for a class and stay for a lifetime of fun, friendship, and of course, the best soccer in Brooklyn!



Williamsburg, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Downtown Brooklyn


Skateboarding’s popularity among girls has grown in recent years due to more role models at popular events such as the Olympics with female skateboarders. Skateboarding is a great activity for girls seeking a creative outlet that combines balance, coordination and lots of persistence. Even if they are not into athletic sports, the individual nature of skateboarding allows each student to set their own goals and make progress at their own pace. With safety gear and obstacles designed for beginners, skaters can learn little by little without taking big risks. Many of the students at SKATEYOGI, a Brooklyn-based skateboarding school, are girls where classes are taught in an open-level format with an emphasis on fun and creativity. Skateboarding is for everyone!



Aviator Sports

Mill Basin/Marine Park


Aviator Sports offers a diverse range of sports programs tailored for girls ages 3 and up, catering to their interests and skill levels. In Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer, girls can find avenues to explore their athletic abilities and passions. Partnering with FC Copa for girls-only soccer classes underscores Aviator Sports’ commitment to providing inclusive and empowering opportunities for girls in sports. These programs not only focus on skill development but also foster a supportive environment where girls can build confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. Whether it’s mastering a routine on the ice or fine-tuning shooting skills on the basketball court, Aviator Sports empowers girls to thrive in sports while creating lasting memories and friendships.


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