Sponsored: York Prep Prepares Students for College and Beyond

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As parents, we do everything possible to secure an educational environment that works tirelessly to provide for our children. The New York City school search can cloud the clarity of our vision when considering what is best for our kids. For that reason, we want to share our experience with York Prep School. In their 52nd year, York Prep continues to provide an inclusive mainstream education, for students in grades 6 -12.  Students have access to both support and enrichment programs that prepare them for success in college and beyond. Ronnie Stewart, Founder and Headmaster, often says, “Kindness trumps Algebra every time!”. The school’s mission and ethos reflect a “character first” approach, while never sacrificing their commitment to a well-rounded education en route to a top college placement. To illustrate the essence of the school, we spoke to current senior Philip Winter.

Philip Winter, Current York Prep Senior

As Philip begins his senior year at York Prep, he was kind enough to reflect on his academic and personal experiences. Having grown up experiencing the challenges of dyslexia, Philip came to York Prep from Stephen Gaynor School where he developed the skills needed to overcome the most challenging aspects of his language-based learning disability. Once at York, Philip participated in the Jump Start Program, which continued to support his academic advancement. However, in keeping with the philosophy of the school, Philip’s personal co-curricular interests were nurtured. York’s balanced approach of thoughtful homework expectations, appropriate class placement, and access to teacher support gave him the time to pursue other exceptional talents. 

In our conversation Philip commented, “I’d say that York helped me realize that historical costuming didn’t just have to be an odd hobby of mine. With the encouragement of my teacher John Viscardi, by helping to outfit the various school plays and musicals with my assortment of garments, I was able to truly discover the possibilities of my passion. With the help of my history teachers Mr. Gordon and Mr. Buckley, I created a historic uniform from scratch and won both regional and state competitions; which culminated in my invitation to enter the United States History Day National Competition. York truly helped me realize my passion, and I know now that historical costuming is what I want to pursue as a professional career.” Philip is now considering the preeminent colleges in the world as likely landing spots for his talents (Carnegie Mellon, University of Arts in London, and NYU Tish). 

Philip is one example of a student body that is filled with talented students achieving greatness both in and out of the classroom. When we had the chance to speak with administration and faculty it was clear they are devoted to working with families to ensure all students receive a crafted education. While the experience of applying to schools in New York City can be daunting, don’t make it harder than it needs to be— consider York as a school that will make your child’s success their highest priority. They are accepting applications for all grades, with virtual open houses and interviews. Visit their website to get started with a member of their admissions team