Smart Buys For Baby

CAR SEAT CONVENIENCE: You spent hours figuring how to install the car seat correctly, but what do you do when you need to clean it? Try a Nomie Baby car seat cover. It easily slips on and off and goes right into the washing machine, making messes easy to clean. Available in infant and toddler car seat sizes in six colors. Details: $36;

STARRY NIGHTS: Every night you can have starry skies with the Star Egg Nightlight designed by J. Schatz. The handcrafted ceramic nightlight is shaped like an egg with tiny pinpricks all over that create a celestial effect in baby’s nursery. Available in eight colors. Details: $135;

FLY SAFE: Flying with an infant and baby gear can be a hassle, but the CARES airplane seat belt and buckle device will lighten your load. The only harness-type child aviation safety restraint certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, it frees you to check your car seat with the rest of your luggage and focus on keeping your little one entertained. Designed for kids 22 pounds to 44 pounds, it’s easy to use and weighs only one pound. Details: $74.99;

BABY BITES: Introducing solid foods is exciting and nerve-racking. You have visions of baby developing a fondness for broccoli, but also worry about keeping those early bites small enough. Tiny Bites food shears were specifically created for cutting baby’s food and are much faster to use than a knife and fork. The stainless steel blades are dishwasher-safe and airplane travel-approved. Details: $10.99;

BURP CLOTH REVISITED: From the very first day of parenthood, a burp cloth becomes part of your uniform. The BurpieBlocker takes a nursery basic and makes it better. The soft, absorbent cloth comes with a handy neck strap to keep it securely in place, so you can focus your attention on other things, like getting back to sleep. Details: $15;

SKIN SAVER: Diaper rash can upset even the happiest babies. Booty Goo is a fast-acting diaper rash ointment that clears up rashes and helps prevent future irritations. Many moms prefer it over other well-known brands and even say it can help clear up baby’s eczema. Details: $6.99;

CLEAN AND GREEN: Founded by two dads who are self-proclaimed “cleanfreaks,” Babyganics Household Cleaners is a line of organic cleaning products for your home. They’re formulated without any man-made products or chemicals and are safe to use around babies. Details: Prices start at $3.99;

BEST BIB: Kiddopotamus’ Bibbity Rinse & Roll Bib may be the last bib you ever need. It has a scoop-like pocket at the bottom that catches errant bites, and the soft flexible material can be rinsed off and rolled up for travel. Best of all, the Bibbity is free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, latex and lead. Details: $5.99;

BAG IT: Hip parents on the go will appreciate the Go GaGa Gondola diaper bag. It has an ergonomic strap that distributes the weight across your back, as well as fully lined and insulated bottle pockets and a cell phone/iPod pocket. The foam bottom means you can place the bag on a flat surface without it tipping over. When you’re past the diaper stage, it can hold a laptop. Details: $98;

HAVE A DRINK: Little ones love to drink out of mommy and daddy’s water bottles, but don’t yet have the control to keep from spilling everywhere. The Lil’ Topper fits on just about any water bottle so your little one can sip without getting soaked—and the 2” diameter top means it’s not a choking hazard. You no longer have to worry about forgetting the sippy cup at home. Details: $4.95;

Robin Saks Frankel is the founder of both Crib Notes (, a free monthly e-newsletter for parents of kids ages 0 to 2, and Facebook’s “The Greatest Friday Playgroup Ever,” a weekly playgroup for uptown moms.