The Best Summer Sleepaway Camps for 2020 in New York and the North East


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Overnight Summer Sleepaway Camps for Kids from New York City

Are your kids wanting to spend their summer at a sleepaway camp in New York and the North East? You have come to the right place because we have the ultimate guide to the best sleepaway camps across New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Maine and beyond! If your kids are not quite ready for an overnight stay, check out the best day camps in New York City for 2020, where they can have endless fun while staying close to home. Whether your kids are wanting to take up a new sport, activity, or just want to dive into adventure and the outdoors, there is something for everyone!

Adirondack Camp, The Adirondacks, New York

Adirondack is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls. You’ll find this camp hidden away in the ancient New England bedrock of the Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of world-famous Lake George in upstate New York. At one hundred and some years young, ADK is one of the original great coed summer camps of North America. Building bold hearts and strong character through outrageous fun, extraordinary friendships, and lifelong values, they promise nothing less than the best summer for your children.

Price: Two-week session from $4,750, Six-weeks $9,850

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Adirondack Woodcraft Camp, The Adirondacks, New York

The 90-year-old family-run Adirondack Woodcraft Camp near Old Forge, NY, caters to campers 6-16 years old looking to find friendship, resilience and adventure. Diverse activities on offer range from rock climbing and water sports to arts and crafts. Sign up for the full seven week program, or choose from three week, four week or two week programs (for rookie campers). Older campers (16 and 17 years old) can join their Outdoor Leadership Training Division.

Price: Two week programs start from $3,650

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Appel Farm Arts Camp, New Jersey

For over 55 summers, Appel Farm Arts Camp has sparked the imaginations of thousands of young people ages 7-17 as they interact with artists from around the world in a beautiful part of rural southern New Jersey. Their inclusive and nurturing community, with no auditions or competition, allows your child to thrive! Programs in music, theater, dance, visual arts, photography, video, robotics, recording arts, creative writing, sports, and swimming, along with traditional camp activities like campfires, dances, and carnivals make for an unforgettable summer. One, two, four, six or eight-week overnight sessions give your family flexibility when planning your summer.

Price: Two week programs start from $3,000

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Awosting & Chinqueka, Connecticut

Camp Awosting is a traditional sleep away camp for Boys age 6-16 located on Bantam Lake in Connecticut run by the Ebner Family for over 60 years. They offer two, four, six, and eight week sessions. Come experience Watersports, Team Sports, Extreme Activities, Go-Karts, Motocross, 1000 ft Zip Line, Teen Trips, Tennis, Golf, Performing Arts and more! Bus transportation available to and from camp. Their sister camp for girls is Camp Chinqueka.

Price: Two week programs start from $3,700

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Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp, The Berkshires

Located in the beautiful Berkshire mountains, the Berkshire Hills Eisenberg co-ed summer camp is a great sleep-away option for children and teens ages 7-16. Designed to promote Jewish values, campers will be able to make lifelong friends by engaging in a variety of activities. Professional staff members will oversee the campers as they participate in sports, water activities, arts and crafts, and nature-related activities. There is even a special culinary camp program on offer. A number of scheduling options are available.

Price: Rookie camp prices start from $175 with regular half-day (two week) sessions starting from $2,450

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Brant Lake Sports Academy, The Adirondacks, New York

Brant Lake Sports Academy for Girls is a professionally run 2.5-week resident summer program for motivated, sports-loving girls, 11 to 16 years old, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. BLSA is owned and operated by Brant Lake Camp for boys, with over 95 years under one family. With this same experienced leadership, the program addresses the strong growth of athletics and competitive sports among girls on its own girls’ campus.

Price: $3,975 for two week program

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Brown Ledge Camp, Vermont

Aiming to teach girls ages 10-18 about freedom and responsibility through camping and outdoor activities, the Brown Ledge Camp offers a unique experience for its campers. Located in Colchester, VT on Lake Champlain, participants can explore passions such as horseback riding, tennis, archery, studio arts, and theater under the guidance of qualified personnel.

Price: Four week sessions start from $5,950. Scholarships available.

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Bryn Mawr Specialty Camps, Pennsylvania

Bryn Mawr Specialty Camps are the place for young women to find “summer sisters” while always including the camp’s core values of loyalty, beauty, merit, and comradeship. Campers will take part in a multitude of activities like soccer, riding, basketball, boating, water-skiing, along with so much more.

Price: Two week programs start from $3,700

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Camp Akeela, Vermont

Camp Akeela is a small, traditional summer camp in Vermont where “quirky” campers who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s or a non-verbal learning disability learn how to better interact with their peers and thrive. Students are 9- to 17-year-old boys and girls. They have an additional outpost located in Wisconsin.

Price: 3.5 week sessions start from $7,850

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Camp Berger, Connecticut

Camp Berger is a co-ed camp for ages 8-16 located on scenic Park Pond in Winchester Center, CT. The camp is large enough to ensure a fun-filled summer yet small enough (120 campers per session) to give individualized attention. Programs include: Weekly Themes, Forest Golf, Archery, Frisbee Golf, Sailing, Canoeing, Arts & Crafts, Rocketry, Fishing, Orienteering, Geo-Caching, Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Theatre, Rafting, Color Wars, Ping-Pong, Yoga, Badminton, Ga-ga Ball, 4-Square, Hiking, Dodgeball, Rowing and more.

Price: Available upon application

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Camp Birch Hill

Camp Birch Hill, New Hampshire

Nestled in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Camp Birch Hill offers a fun, elective based program where boys and girls aged 6-16 can participate in more than 50 diverse activities of their choice. Each summer Camp Birch Hill welcome campers to their grounds in New Durham, NH. This traditional, overnight summer camp sits on a 100 acre piece of private, lakeside land where kids can come for two, four or six weeks of their summer. It is a home away from home have the time of their lives for two, four or six weeks while making lasting friendships and memories.

Price: Two week sessions start from $3,000

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Camp Cayuga, Pocono Mountains

Camp Cayuga is a private, residential camp for boys and girls ages 6-16. Surrounded by 350 acres of beautiful terrain in the Pocono Mountains, this camp provides the most fun-filled summer yet. Campers can choose from 2-,4-,6-, or 8-week sessions and over 60 different daily activities to choose from!

Price: Two week sessions start from $2,300 (discounted rate)

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Camp Chateaugay

Camp Chateaugay, Adirondacks, New York

Situated in the beautiful Adirondacks, Camp Chateaugay creates a community for self-discovery, growth, and relationships for campers. In addition to building these life skills, campers will also participate in an array of activities such as rocketry, rock climbing, kayaking, ceramics, and so much more!

Price: Two week sessions start from $4,730

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Camp Clio, Connecticut

Camp Clio, a seriously fun place for adopted children ages 9-12, offers its fourth summer of “old-fashioned” camp fun. Campers share a cabin with other adopted boys and girls and teenage counselors (themselves adopted) who serve as role models. Campers are in a relaxed atmosphere to explore adoption feelings and experiences in a fun, safe and non-judgmental environment. Campers may attend one, two, or three sessions – Sleep-Away or All-Day. Scholarships available.

Price: Available upon application

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Camp Cobbossee

Camp Cobbossee, Maine

Maine’s Camp Cobbossee is a four-week camp that’s been serving boys for more than a century, with its motto of “brotherhood, sportsmanship, community”. The focus is on sports, adventure and a brotherly environment for its 200 campers. Its sister camp is Camp Kippewa.

Price: Two week sessions for first-time campers start from $5,000

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Camp Cody, New Hampshire

Non-denominational and comprehensive in nature, Camp Cody invites campers between ages of 6-15 to attend its overnight summer camp. Nestled in the White Mountains in Freedom, NH, participants will have the opportunity to take part in various team and individual sports, water activities, and performing and creative arts activities.

Price: Two week sessions start from $3,950

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Camp Common Ground

Camp Common Ground, Vermont

Camp Common Ground is an inter-generational family camp that began back in 1994 and continues to bring people of all different lifestyles, abilities, and backgrounds together. This means Mom and Dad don’t need to miss out on the camping fun! This camp is located in the beautiful Vermont and offers activities for people of all ages such as morning yoga, board games, swimming, tennis, and a multitude of other events.

Price: Rates for adults start from $700, and for kids from $450. Scholarships are available.

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Camp Conrad Weiser, Pennsylvania

Camp Conrad Weiser is focused on turning this generation of campers (aged from 7-15 years old) into the future leaders of the world. By encouraging responsibility and challenging kids to learn new skills, they can start to think independently and develop a sense of leadership. Of course with every camp there’s a ton of fun, and the same goes for Camp Conrad Weiser. Here, campers take part in sports, arts, and so much more!

Price: One week programs start from $700 (subsidized rate). Scholarships available.

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Camp Danbee, Massachusetts

It’s a girls’ world at Camp Danbee, an overnight camp in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. There’s a 1:3 counselor-to-student ratio at this ACA member where campers enjoy two heated swimming pools, separate senior campus, equestrian center, 12 all-weather tennis courts, four Malibu competition ski boats, gymnastics center, health center, dance studio, full lake program and multi-purpose field house and athletic fields. Its brother camps are Camp Winadu and Camp Mah-Kee-Nac.

Price: Three-week programs start from $6,650

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Camp Eagle Hill

Camp Eagle Hill, New York

Camp Eagle Hill provides an array of activities for children and teens ages 6-15, including water sports, performing arts, athletics, and creative arts. With campers broken into small groups based on age, each participant will be able to engage in a variety of individual and group activities while being closely supervised by their respective counselor. Located in Elizaville, NY, campers will also have the chance to attend special events throughout the summer.

Price: Four week programs start from $5,250

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Camp Glen Brook

Camp Glen Brook, New Hampshire

Camp Glen Brook prides itself of its small size, farm-to-table food, and its Waldorf approach. This co-ed camp (next to a private lake) is open to 3rd – 10th graders, where traditional New England activities are woven in with the ideals of Waldorf Education. Duration of stays available range from 10 days to 6 weeks.

Price: 10 day programs start from $2,300

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Camp IHC, Pennsylvania

Camp IHC is a seven-week program located in the magnificent Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. Camp IHC (standing for Integrity, Honesty and Community) has been providing young people with memorable summers since 1940. Your kids will experience a totally unplugged experience, free from cell phones and internet. The camp offers a special “Dream Week” for littler campers, and a special Family Camp weekend where moms and dads can join in the fun!

Price: $13,650 for the full seven-week program

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Camp Kinder Ring, New York

Designed for campers ages 7-16, Camp Kinder Ring is a sleep-away summer camp that exposes participants to a variety of activities while fostering Jewish values and a sense of community. Camp Kinder Ring offers traditional activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and water sports as well as Jewish culture discussions and Israeli dance lessons. Camp Kinder Ring is located only 60 miles away from NYC in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Price: Three week programs start from $4,900

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Camp Kippewa, Maine

Camp Kippewa, an overnight girls camp on Lake Cobbosseecontee in Maine, offers 20 different goings-on including equestrian activities, arts, drama, dance, sailing, tennis, and water programs. Girls get to choose four new activities each week to complement their time swimming and engaged in sports. At night there are campfires, theatrical productions, skit and talent nights, treasure hunts, dance and gymnastics shows and special events.

Price: 3.5 week sessions start from $7,650 including transportation from airports, linens and trips

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Camp Kodiak, Ontario, Canada

Catering to both children with and without ADHD, LD, NLD and high-functioning Asperger Syndrome, Camp Kodiak provides a number of activities that seek to foster learning. With a counselor to camper ratio of 2:1, participants between 6-18 years old can participate in dance, go-karting, team sports, rock climbing, and more. Camp Kodiak’s staff will also work with participants in areas such as social skills building.

Price: Three week programs start from $4,990

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Camp Little Notch, Adirondacks, New York

Nestled in the great Adirondack Mountains, Camp Little Notch is the perfect place for campers to explore the great outdoors, create meaningful relationships, and build self-confidence. Children are grouped by ages, to receive targeted support and to help develop different strengths to work from. Activities at Little Notch include swimming, canoeing, sailing, and all the outdoor adventures a kid could think of! While Little Notch started as a camp for girls, they now offer a boys’ program for one week in July aimed at campers aged 9-15 years old.

Price: Available upon application

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Camp Ma-He-Tu, New York

Established in 1937, Camp Ma-He-Tu is a well-known sleep-away camp for girls ages 7-15 located in Bear Mountain, only 40 miles away from New York City. This is a smaller, more intimate camp of only 110 campers. This gives campers the ability to learn more about themselves as well as getting to know the other campers on a more personal level. Camp Ma-He-Tu also offers a “Women in the Woods” inter-generational program to allow Moms, Aunts and Grandmothers to camp out with their girls!

Price: Two-week sessions start from $1,299

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Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, The Berkshires

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac is an 85-year-old traditional summer camp for boys in the Berkshires near Tanglewood. In addition to myriad team and individual sports, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac allows children to work in the camp radio station, photography studio (digital and black and white), arts and crafts studio, woodshop and with the newspaper, model airplanes and rocketry. The 7-week program can also be divided into shorter sessions.

Price: Rookie camps available starting from $1,350. Three-week programs start from $6,650

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Camp Mowglis, New Hampshire

Camp Mowglis is a traditional summer camp for boys 7 to 15 located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Boys go on weekly hikes, eat freshly prepared meals of organic and farm-raised food and are unplugged from technology.

Price: Three week programs start from $4,750

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Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village, Pennsylvania

Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village is a 60-year-old Jewish sleep-away camp on a private lake. More than 60 years old, it offers a variety of athletic, waterfront, nature/ropes and arts programs for co-ed campers in grades 2 through 11. Second through seventh graders are located on one side of the lake, while older campers are on the other side with more challenging activities. Weekly Shabbat celebration on the lake edge.

Pricing: Three-week sessions start from $3,750

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Camp Quinebarge

Camp Quinebarge, New Hampshire

Camp Quinebarge has been a place for boys and girls ages 7-15 to learn and grow since 1936. In the past 80 years that the camp has been going on, campers spend all of their time outdoors, learning new skills and having new and exciting experiences that lead to confidence and a positive self-image that will last for the rest of their days. Camp Quinebarge also offers a “family camp” program over five days and four nights.

Price: Two-week sessions start from $2,800

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Camp Schodack, The Berkshires

Under the same Krouner-family ownership for four generations, Camp Schodack is located in the foothills of the Berkshires. Their enrollment of 135 boys and 135 girls, ages 7-16, is large enough to offer a diverse program yet small enough to foster the warm, friendly, family-like atmosphere that allows everyone to know each other. The friendliness of their campers and staff–most of whom grew up at Schodack–and the supportive, non-pressured atmosphere, along with the emphasis on sportsmanship and fun on the playing fields, promotes a community of kindness and life-changing friendships.

Price: Three-week sessions start from $7400

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Camp Stonewall, Connecticut

Camp Stonewall is a co-ed sleepaway camp for kids 8-15 years old. With activities in athletics, music, drama, and visual arts, you can choose what you want to do – every hour, every day. Come meet campers from right down the street and all around the world; your roommate could be from Spain, Montana, France, Louisiana, or NYC! In the evening, the camp hosts special events such as Water Carnival, Halloween, Casino Night, Minute to Win It, and dances with a DJ.

Price: One week programs start from $750

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Camp Walt Whitman, New Hampshire

Camp Walt Whitman is in Piermont, NH, a 5-hour drive from New York City in the White Mountains. With a focus on water and other sports along with outdoor adventure and the arts, Walt Whitman encourages warmth, friendship, and community. Three staff members live in each cabin, with two counselors accompanying the group all day and the third, an activity specialist, who teaches one of the programs.

Price: Three week sessions start from $6,950

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Camp Watitoh, The Berkshires

Students at Camp Watitoh have enjoyed a family-oriented, co-ed summer camp since 1937. A camp big brother or sister greets capers as they arrive and guide them through their summer. Located on Center Lake in the heart of the Berkshires, Camp Watitoh offers 3-week, 4-week and full session camps.

Price: Three week sessions start from $5,850

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Camp Waukeela, New Hampshire

Designed for girls 8-15 years old, Camp Waukeela is tucked away in the beautiful White Mountains of Eaton, NH. With dozens of activities to choose from including hiking, canoeing, performing arts, and archery, campers are exposed to a variety of experiences. Camp Waukeela also has an artist-in-residence for the summer.

Price: Two week sessions start from $3,950

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Camp Waziyatah, Maine

Camp Waziyatah has been running for more than 97 years, giving boys and girls ages 6-16 the most fun-filled, beautiful summer experience! Located on 130 acres of woods and fields, campers can choose from over 30 activities to participate in. Offering two, four, six and eight-week long sessions, this camp has been named one of the top 50 camps in the United States.

Price: Two week rookie sessions start from $5,250

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Camp Wicosuta, New Hampshire

A traditional sleep-away camp for girls in Hebron, NH, Camp Wicosuta offers more than 30 activities from land and water sports to visual and performing arts as well as “WicoExtreme” and gymnastics. There are no tryouts and no A team or B team. Girls may participate in whatever inter-camp tournaments and play days they like. For campers starting from first grade onwards. Brother camp is Camp Winaukee.

Price: Two week sessions start from $5,295

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Camp Winadu, Massachusetts

Camp Winadu is an 88-year-old sports-oriented boys summer camp in western Massachusetts just a 2-3 hour drive from New York. Their motto is “Building Character Through Sports,” and boys are encouraged to grow as people and athletes. Its sister camp is Camp Danbee.

Price: Five week programs start from $9,700

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Camp Winaukee, New Hampshire

Camp Winaukee is an overnight camp for boys aged 7 to 15 on Lake Winnipesaukee in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Founded in 1920, the sports and adventure camp has two campuses. The Mainland Camp has approximately 200 campers aged 7-to-12; Island Camp, located on a private island just off the Mainland, has approximately 150 campers ages 13-15. Each facility has its own facilities, playing fields, courts, bunks, playhouses and dining halls. Its sister camp is Camp Wicosuta.

Price: Four week program starts from $8,300

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Camp Wingate*Kirkland, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Camp Wingate*Kirkland, a co-ed sleepaway camp for ages 7-15 located on Cape Cod, MA is a place where campers feel supported and empowered. They belong to a community that fosters respect for everybody, with a belief that everyone has something special to offer. Campers design their perfect summer through a daily choice program which allows them to pick their own activities each day. Options range from traditional camp activities to the zany. Two, 3.5 and seven week sessions are offered. Camp W*K is peanut, tree nut and sesame-free.

Price: Two week programs start from $4,975

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Camp Zeke, Pennsylvania

Another great sleepaway camp option, Camp Zeke caters to Jewish children and teens between the ages of 7-17. Located in Lakewood, PA, Camp Zeke offers a range of daily activities such as martial arts, music, and fitness electives. The staff also puts together various night programs including talent shows and dances.

Price: One week “taste of zeke” sessions start from $1,710

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CAMPUS Kids, New Jersey

A unique “weekday sleep-away camp,” making it perfect for first-time campers, CAMPUS Kids offers programs throughout the tri-state area for boys and girls ages 7-15. Campers are given the opportunity to pick which activities they take part in every day—from woodworking to boating to basketball, and more.

Price: Two week programs start from $2,782

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Cardigan Mountain School, New Hampshire

With an academic focus during the day and traditional summer camp activities during the evening, Cardigan Mountain offers several sessions for children ages 8-15. Located in the foothills of the White Mountains in Caanan NH, campers can participate in street hockey, arts and crafts, and a variety of lakeside activities.

Price: Three week sessions (including boarding) start from $5,730 with lower rates for day students

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Children of the Earth Foundation, New Jersey

COTE’s goal is to create a profound respect for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. They seek to support and nurture the personal growth and self-esteem of participants aged 13-17 through primitive survival skills, animal tracking, nature awareness and storytelling. Their programs are infused with a philosophy of oneness with nature as taught by author Tom Brown, Jr., since 2003. Family programs are also available.

Price: Prices start from $200

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Cub Creek Science Camp, Missouri

Over 300 animals make up this co-ed camp’s unique hands-on zoo and includes lemurs, alpaca, parrots, porcupines, foxes, lizards, snakes, and wallabies, among many more. Outside of their diverse animal family, the camp has a six-element ropes course that includes zip-lining, climbing, and rappelling, craft and pottery studios, archery and riflery ranges, and trails for hiking and botany studies. Cub Creek is suitable for ages 7-17 and strives to allow campers to be themselves, make lasting friendships, and create bonds with animals in a safe, loving environment. Their facilities, including the cabins, are air-conditioned and all meals are served buffet-style with many alternative meal options.

Price: One week programs start from $1,065

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Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp, New York

At the Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp in Riverhead, Long Island, campers stay in comfortable, rustic cabins with bathrooms and washhouses a short walk away. A member of the ACA and partners with Cornell University, DPF 4-H offers youth and teen campers different meal times and classes, though some programs are done as a whole group. All classes and meals are co-ed.

Price: Mini camps start from $350 for two days

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Eden Village

Eden Village, New York

Located 50 miles north of NYC on 248 gorgeous acres, this non-profit overnight camp brings an innovative focus on farming, food, and wilderness to the best of traditional camp.  3rd — 11th grade campers + apprentices enjoy organic farming, outstanding organic Kosher food, animal care, wilderness adventure, natural science, a pool & lake, music, arts, sports, service projects and exceptional staff in a 3:1 staff: camper ratio… all in a vibrant, kind Jewish community.

Price: 14 day programs start from $3,475

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Fairview Lake YMCA Camps, New Jersey

Located on 660 acres in northwest NJ, Fairview Lake YMCA Camps offers new experiences, traditions, adventure, independence and the chance to create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Campers can stay for one, two, and three-week sessions, with many opting to stay longer! Their programs include Adventure Trips, Ranch Camp, Traditional Camp, Specialty Camps, and Teen Travel. Registration is open and available online. They’re only 70 miles from NYC.

Price: One week programs start from $1,110

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Forest Lake Camp, Adirondacks, New York

Forest Lake Camp is a traditional sleepaway camp located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. They are a “brother-sister” camp, with separate camps for boys and girls, which gives campers the chance to thrive in a unique environment. Forest Lake offers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 week programs for boys and girls aged 8-16 years old. 

Price: Junior short session starts from $3,995

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French Woods Camp

French Woods, New York

Located in Hancock, NY, French Woods offers a variety of summer programming centered on the performing arts. Catering to children ages 7-17, French Woods provides campers with experiences in dance, theater, circus, magic, and more. For those interested in other areas, French Woods also offers a fitness camp, waterboarding camp, and horseback riding camp.

Price: One week programs start from $1,150

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Frost Valley YMCA, New York

Located in the Catskills, just two hours north of NYC, Frost Valley YMCA offers a dozen overnight programs to students in grades 2 through 12 including a special “Bear Grylls Survival Camp”! Camps also include Horse Camp, Farm Camp and counselor in training programs. There’s also a family summer camp in late August.

Price: Two week programs start from $2,300, with subsidized rates available

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Greenwood Trails, Connecticut

Promising to give co-ed campers aged 7-16 the “adventure of a lifetime,” Greenwood Trails offers both overnight and day camper options for grade school children and encourages them to un-plug. Tucked away in the foothills of the Berkshires in Winsted, CT, participants will be able to take in the natural beauty through a variety of outdoor activities of their choice.

Price: Two week sessions start from $2,750

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Habonim Camp Galil, Pennsylvania

Camp Galil provides a summer experience focused on Jewish values while also incorporating everything traditional camp as to offer since 1946. Here, the staff works to create the next generation of Jewish leaders through discovering new skills, cultivating new relationships, and always challenging themselves to do more. With sports, swimming, arts and crafts, songs, campfires and special days, your kiddos will have the time of their lives and enjoy the “kibbutz atmosphere”.

Price: Two week sessions start from $2,500

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Come be part of a magical summer at Hawthorne Valley, located just 2.5 hours north on NYC! They offer camps for ages 8-16 on their beautiful, working farm. Campers will experience a sense of hard work and responsibility, as well as time in their busy lives to slow down, unplug, and reconnect with nature. Animal chores and garden work are rounded out by swimming, crafting, and exploring the farm. All of their organic meals are enjoyed family-style and are always made from scratch, often by the campers themselves!

Price: Six day program 1,350

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Hidden Valley International Summer Camp, Maine

Hidden Valley Camp is an international sleep-away camp for girls and boys aged from 8-14 years that is open for summer 2021 and COVID ready. Campers can choose from over 50 classes and activities in the visual and performing arts, sports, horseback riding, nature and adventure, and water sports. HVC is located on a private lake in mid-coast Maine and has been in operation since 1948. Bus transportation is available from New York City.

Price: Two week “intro” programs start from $3,790

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Incarnation Camp

Incarnation Camp, Connecticut

Located on 700 acres of wooded area and containing a private lake in Ivoryton, CT, the Incarnation Camp family (including Camps Pequot, Sherwood and Pioneer Village) provide girls and boys ages 7-14 with a venue for personal growth and relationship building. As the oldest co-ed camp in the country, Incarnation offers a variety of summer programs that include hiking, athletics, and even hands-on experience on a farm.

Price: Available upon application

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Indian Head, Pennsylvania

Indian Head Camp has age-specific programs in order to foster the type of growth and development that the camp is intended to do. The different programs are Lake Camp for grades 2-7, The Hill for grades 8-9, Tribe West for grade 10, and CIT Program for grade 11. Situated in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, Indian Head has given young people the summer of a lifetime since 1940.

Price: Available upon application

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Independent Lake, Pennsylvania

Independent Lake Camp in Thompson, PA is one of the top-rated sleep-away summer camps in the Pocono Mountains for co-eds between the ages of 6-17. With unique programs such as circus camp, extreme sports camp, and computer camp, participants will be able to learn about their areas of interest while making life-long friends.

Price: Two week sessions start from $3,350 

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Kenmont and Kenwood, Connecticut

With designated camps for both boys and girls ages 8-15, Kentmont and Kenwood sleep-away camps aims to foster physical and emotional growth of their campers. With a wide-range of programs spanning from water sports to sports broadcasting, participants will not only learn, but also make new friends along the way. Located in Kent, CT, Kenmont and Kenwood are just a short drive out of the city.

Price: Available upon application

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Kutsher’s Sports Academy

Kutsher’s Sports Academy, Massachusetts

Located in Great Barrington, MA, Kutsher’s is a leading summer sports camp for children and teens ages 7-17. Led by experienced instructors, campers are able to improve their skills in the sport of their choosing. With an instructor to camper ratio of 2:1, participants will be able to flourish under the guidance of their counselors at this sleep-away camp.

Price: Two week sessions start from $3,800

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Mercersburg Summer Programs, Pennsylvania

Mercersburg Summer is all about fun. Nestled in the mountains of south-central Pennsylvania, their beautiful campus provides the perfect setting for a wide range of opportunities for learning, personal growth, and most importantly, fun. Each summer, participants take part in an array of programs, ranging from the Adventure Camp series to various STEAM (non-residential), Enrichment, Arts, and Sports Camps.

Price: Available upon application

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Mount Snow Family Camp, Vermont

This summer, treat yourself to a 3-day, 4-day, or weeklong experience with your family. There is something for everyone, whether you want to go on a scenic hike, play a round of golf, go mountain biking, or just relax by the pool. Explore the beautiful Green Mountain national forest during the day, and spend your nights in condominium units with all the comforts of home. Unplug from the hustle of everyday and reconnect with the people you love.

Price: Three night family programs start from $1,412

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NY YMCA, New York

NY YMCA Camp is located 86 miles northwest of New York City, nestled between the Delaware Water Gap and Catskills Mountains. The camp sits on 1,000 acres of natural beauty and serves campers aged between 7-14. Campers and counselors come from every income level, and represent a richly diverse set of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. The organization intentionally builds a community where every child feels welcome and valued.

Price: Available upon application

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Perlman Camp, Pennsylvania

Perlman was created for the sole purpose to give kids a safe and fun summer camp experience in a Jewish environment. Their mission is the “driving force” behind all the camp does. Campers here get to choose what “hobby” they want to take part in and cultivate their camp experience by picking and choosing exactly what they want to do.

Price: Rookie two week sessions start from $2,550

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Pinemere Camp, Pennsylvania

Grounded in Jewish values and traditions, Pinemere caters to girls and boys between the ages of 6-15. Located in Stroudsburg, PA, Pinemere is a sleep-away camp that gives participants the chance to engage in traditional summer activities, as well as learn more about their Jewish heritage through studying music, dance, and more.

Price: Three week sessions start from $4,900

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Pocono Springs

Pocono Springs Camp, Pennsylvania

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, just 75 miles from New York City, Pocono Springs Camp offers a unique concept in the world of overnight summer camps: a traditional co-ed camp experience in a 5-week program. This camp offers some amazing activities that will test campers and challenge them to learning new skills and flourishing into more confident people. Some of the activities include zip line, water-skiing, art, and theater.

Price: There is one 5 week session which costs $7,975 and a two-week “Starter Camp” experience which costs $3,750

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Pok-O-MacCready, Adirondacks, New York

Pok-O-MacCready is a co-ed summer camp in NY for boys and girls aged 6-16. Family-owned since 1905, “Poko” provides an Adirondack experience that mixes exciting adventures with great friends in a natural setting. Activities include: hiking, horseback riding, boating, rock climbing, mountain biking, creative arts, and 30 more programs, and facilities include a 19th Century farm, an indoor rock climbing center, sports fields and courts, stables, and 50 cabins. Two, three, four, and seven week sessions are available, as well as Day Camp and Family Camp.

Price: Three day camps start from $500

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Ross School Summer Camp Program, The Hamptons, New York

Summer Camp at Ross in East Hampton is home to their very own unique Majors and Minors programming. Campers choose a Morning Major and an Afternoon Minor, allowing for in-depth exploration of their favorite topics. Sleep-away at Ross is a two-week residential camp option, with campers staying in a luxurious Hamptons home.

Price: One week programs start from $1,650

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Sababa Beach Camp, Virginia

This Jewish co-ed residential summer camp is for rising 5-12 graders and located on the beautiful Virginia Beach. Here, campers can get swept away with the magic and wonder of the ocean by learning to surf, sail, take photographs, and so much more. This two-week-long exploration of the sea is the perfect place for campers to dive into something different than they’ve ever experienced before.

Price: Two week sessions start from $3,250

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Silver Lake, New York

Nestled serenely over 300 acres of green hills with a 96-acre private lake, Silver Lake Camp continues to deliver a summer camp full of fun. From newly renovated bunks and basketball courts to adding a new soccer field and skate park, there is something for every single child to do at camp. Not to mention a live circus performance, inter-camp competitions, and a theater performance are just some of the things each camp session offers.

Price: $12,550

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Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps , Glen Spey

The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps provides boys and girls of ages 6-17 with a unique combination of World Class instruction and traditional camp values. As a family-owned summer camp operation Jay and Scott Fiedler, along with an experienced staff, offer individualized attention to each camper in a safe, nurturing and caring environment which will enrich their development socially and athletically.

Our ability to attract the top professional instructors in a wide variety of sports and activities gives our Brookwood Campers access to coaches they can’t find anywhere else. Our staff of instructors are adept at coaching from the beginner level all the way up to the elite level performers and connect well with children of all ages.

Whether attending camp for a full summer, partial summer, or for one of our 1-week focused Academy Programs, each child is made to feel special and accomplished and will leave camp with a good self-image, a higher confidence level, and friends to last a lifetime.

Price: starting at $1200

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Summit Camp & Travel, Poconos, New York

Summit Camp is an ACA accredited sleepaway camp in the Pocono Mountains that has provided platforms of support for youth ages 8-19 that are experiencing social and emotional challenges. Their programs seek to provide a positive, traditional sleep-away experience where kids with needs such as ADHD, LD, and HFA can have fun, meet friends, and be themselves.

Price: One week programs start from $2,500

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Tabor Academy, Massachusetts

Established in 1917, the Tabor Academy Summer Program allows young people ages 6-17 the opportunity to develop their full potential as individuals. Under the guidance of highly qualified and energetic counselors, coaches, and teachers, the program encourages young people to have fun and take pride in their personal achievement in optional enrichment courses, on the playing fields, and on the waterfront. The program provides a variety of engaging and enjoyable activities on the beautiful 85-acre seaside campus of Tabor Academy in Marion, MA.

Price: One week program starts from $2,200

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Tilton Summer Institute

Tilton Summer Institute

The Tilton School Summer Institute (TSSI) is an innovative project-based learning experience in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Open to students age 11 – 14, this 3-week program (day or overnight) combines Discovery Tracks, Residential Living, Collaborative Partnerships and Outdoor Adventures to create a dynamic summer experience your child will never forget.

Price: The full boarding program starts from $4,900

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Timber Lake West, The Catskills, New York

Timber Lake West is a co-ed camp in New York’s Catskills. With two distinct 4-week sessions, it makes the transition easy for first-time campers and parents alike. Specialties include athletics and aquatics. Timber Lake West is about two hours north of Manhattan in Roscoe, NY.

Price: The July four week program is $7,975 while the August program is $6,150

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Two Rivers Soccer Camp, California

Two Rivers is not in the North East, it’s all the way over on the West Coast, but we wanted to include this listing for all the soccer enthusiasts ages 7-17 out there! The camp features European and American soccer coaches and really envelops children in the full soccer atmosphere. At last year’s camp, over 1,000 players from the US came to the camp in hopes of improving their skills and to meet with other soccer-lovers from all over. This camp is aimed to create a team out of almost strangers and for campers to grow self-confidence on and off the field.

Price: One week programs from $1850

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Valley Forge Summer Camp, Pennsylvania

Located at the Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Wayne Pennsylvania, Valley Forge Summer Camp offers a beautiful 100-acre campus, accessorized with playing fields, stables, and swimming pools. There’s a strong focus on leadership and team-building, so all the activities offered here are part of the bigger picture of giving your child more skills and better confidence to take with them after camp.

Price: Available upon application

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Westover School Summer Camp

Westover School Summer Camp, Connecticut

Curious and creative middle school girls in grades 6 – 9 can explore a summer of learning at Westover School’s summer camp, on their quaint New England campus. The summer program offers experience in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), English language learning and visual and performing arts alongside traditional summer camp fun. Choose to camp for one week, two weeks or the full four weeks.

Price: $999 per week for boarding students

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Whale Camp, Bay of Fundy (Between Maine and Nova Scotia)

Experience Marine Science with Whale Research at Whale Camp, a summer program that offers many face-to-face encounters to closely observe and study whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, and puffins in their natural habitat. Board the 65 foot sailboat for unmatched examinations of marine life. Help collect data to document whale distribution, feeding patterns, and behaviors. Through direct observation, scientific data collection, and hands-on experience with marine science equipment, The Whale Camp is the place where exploration and inspiration abound. On stunningly beautiful Grand Manan Island the learning is a fun, hands-on adventure.

Price: One week programs start from $1,425

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Windsor Mountain Summer Camp

Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp, New Hampshire

Windsor Mountain International Summer camp is a co-ed camp for ages 7-16 in Windsor, a scenic town in Southwestern New Hampshire. Residents in the 2-week and 3.5-week camp sessions indulge their interests in drama, sailing, sports, outdoor adventure, music, arts, or just being creative.

Price: Three week programs from $6,295

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YMCA Camp Hi Rock, New York

YMCA Camp Hi Rock is located in the Berkshire Mountains, about 2.5 hours north of New York City. Co-ed campers aged 7-16 go on hikes on the adjacent Appalachian Train, climb peaks, and swim in lakes. The day is divided into time when campers spend with their cabin mates and when all campers mix with the larger camp community. Family camp options are also available.

Price: One week sessions from $1,135 (financial assistance available)

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YMCA Camp Mason, New Jersey

Generations of campers from all walks of life have called Camp Mason their home since 1900, creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime. This is a great opportunity for your kids (aged from 2nd grade to 9th grade) to go tech-free and enjoy spending time outdoors. If you have a little equestrian on your hands, Camp Mason offers a special “Ranch Camp” including riding lessons.

Price: One week sessions start from $1,070

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YMCA Camp Silver Beach, Virginia

Located on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, YMCA Camp Silver Beach can accommodate 400 campers and staff. YMCA Camp Silver Beach sits on the beachfront with 151 acres of forest, field, and wetland, as well as 44 air-conditioned cottages, a 4-to-1 camper-to-staff ratio, and myriad outdoor activities. In inclement weather, campers enjoy a covered outdoor pavilion, outdoor amphitheater, and lodges that are perfect for skits, games, and talent shows.

Price: One week programs from $895

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YMCA Camp Jewell, Connecticut

The culture of Camp Jewell is centered on the people. They work on cultivating long-term friendships and do so by incorporating some amazing elements to the camp. A few to mention are the Thunder-dome, the Giant Slide, and the Rope Swing. The traditional sleepaway camps here instill a sense of independence that children don’t usually have or appreciate. Here, campers become part of a larger community, building self-confidence and other skills learned throughout the summer. For younger campers ages 7-9 are offered 2-week camp options and campers ages 10-14 are offered 2- and 4-week camp options. The Senior Village is for those in the oldest category to start their journey in the multi-summer leadership development program.

Price: Two week programs from $2,299. Financial assistance is available.

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