Site Scoop: Busy Parents Need Fitness Too!

Busy Parents Need Fitness Too: Scott Sessions

Busy Parents Need Fitness Too!

Scott Sessions, owner and founder of Sessions Be-Fit, isn’t letting the coronavirus get in the way of his clients’ goals. Scott trains outdoors or virtually, no matter the age or fitness level. He offers personalized workout programs for those looking to improve their flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, balance and strength. Scott was named the #1 junior golfer in the New York Metropolitan Area in 2012 and went on to become an All-American collegiate golfer in 2016. He specializes in golf fitness and is a Certified Titleist Performance Institute Instructor. If goals include weight loss or improving nutrition, Scott is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist who educates his clients on how to eat for their specific body type while eating foods they love. Consultations and first sessions are free!


Scott Sessions, CPT, TPI, CNS
Sessions Be-Fit
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