Sibling rivalry tips scales

After four years, the sequel to the adorable “When a Dragon Moves In” finally roars into bookstores this month. I predict author Jodie Moore will win even more awards for “When a Dragon Moves In Again” (Flash Light Press), in which the boy, his big sister, and his parents prepare for and welcome home a baby.

This must-read is recommended for families with an infant on the way — especially readers ages 4-7 — who are gearing up for their responsibilities as a big brother or sister.

The illustrations by Howard McWilliam are just as full of mischief and humor as the first, but the sequel touched my heart with its ability to show how the boy’s well-meaning attempts at entertaining his new sibling could be misinterpreted as acting out or jealous antics — or is it the rascally dragon who’s to blame?

As Moore’s book makes clear, a new baby changes everything, and reading this story aloud offers a wonderful opportunity for your child to open up about worries that could be weighing on his mind about the impending special delivery.

When a Dragon Moves in Again book by Jodi Moore, $17.95,