September Is Baby Safety Month

jpma-babysafetymonthlogo-olIt’s September, and that means it’s Baby Safety Month! Since 1991, every year at in September, parents all over the nation have learned something new–something that could save their babies’ lives. According to a report published in July by Academic Pediatrics, an estimate of 361,000 children age 5 or younger had injuries that occurred while in a stroller or carrier, leading them into a hospital emergency room between 1990 and 2010.

Last year, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) (who first started sponsoring the month back in 1991) focused on educating parents to safeguard against hidden hazards in the home. This year’s theme is Baby Safety Right Out of the Box, the JPMA is informing parents and caregivers on the importance of product registration cards and recall response. Accidents are unpredictable, but being more aware of the safety basics can prevent unsafe situations.

Before you start using your new baby products:

  • Don’t forget the Registration Cards that come with most of the baby products: Product registration cards are so easy to be left out after you unbox your baby’s stroller, crib, high chair, etc. But it is one of the most important, yet neglected, steps to keeping your children safe.
  • Stay up to date about safety announcement and recalls: The purpose for completing the registration form is for you to have the first-hand information about your purchased product, such as any recalls or any safety announcement. This way, the manufacturer can contact parents directly and efficiently, so you won’t miss any details of potentially dangerous products that concern your baby’s well-being.
  • Online product registration is also available for many items: You can now complete the registration online or on the pre-printed product registration card provided by manufacturer.

When buying secondhand baby gear…

  • Some gear is safe to borrow or buy secondhand: Some of the second-hand items that are not too problematic would be clothes, books, maternity clothes, or basic toys that are in good condition and can be easily be cleaned.
  • Larger and more complicated gear is not recommended to borrow or buy secondhand: Some larger baby gear items could be dangerous and put your baby at risk. Some of them include car seats, cribs, crib mattresses, and breast pump accessories. These are not recommended to borrow or buy secondhand as they might not meet the most current safety standards. Most car seats expire about 5-6 years from the date of manufacture, so it would be dangerous to use a car seat after it has expired.
  • Things to keep in mind if you really had to use an heirloom or any secondhand item: If you really need to use a second-hand baby gear, be sure to check if all parts are available and fully functional. You will also need to know that the gear has not been recalled. And don’t forget to always review and follow all the manufacturers’ instructions and warning labels.

After You Fill Out The Registration Form For Your Baby Products…

  • Help more people be aware of baby safety! Promote and help educate fellow parents and caregivers out there by raising awareness of the annual Baby Safety Month! Discussing, share, and support Baby Safety Month by using hashtags #BSM2016, #BSM, or #BabySafetyMonth on social media.

To learn more about baby safety from the JPMA, visit and! You can also check out their Baby Safety Month video below!