Scoop: Suddenly Seeking Suburbs Webinar – Westchester

When the pandemic hit, a place where you can call home has never been so important and meant so much. With school closures, working and cooking most meals at home, and turning your living rooms into your exercise areas, we have all learned to appreciate our space more. Many of us have also realized that even though our space provided great shelter, NYC apartments can run a bit small when everyone is at home for several months. So if you have thought of the idea of moving and getting out of the city, we have you covered.

Suddenly Seeking Suburbs Webinar

If you are looking to move out to the suburbs, join the “Suddenly Seeking Suburbs – Westchester” webinar on June 25th at 3 pm EST. This webinar will be held by a panel of experts who will give you a detailed overview of the market in Westchester and tips if you are looking for a home right now.

You will have the chance to learn from award-winning Compas agent Kori Sassower and her team of experts who will discuss how to purchase a home in this unusual climate. You will also learn the ropes from navigating current mortgage rates to decorating a home — you won’t want to miss out! Register now at:

Take a Look at the Experts:

Kori Sassower
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Jon Yellon
Mortgage Banker

Justin Albano
True View Inspections

Betsy Tauber
B Tauber Designs
Home Designer

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