Sponsored: National Children’s Chorus Auditions Next Week for Online Conservatory

National Children's Chorus Academy

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Do you have little singers on your hands who are ready to upgrade from their karaoke machine to a music academy? They are in luck because the National Children’s Chorus Academy (NCC) is holding auditions for their Online Conservatory on November 7th! Your kids can participate in these amazing programs beginning in January and channel their musical talents by applying for NCC’s program next week.

kids signing in a choir

The National Children’s Chorus is one of the world’s leading children’s choirs, with 22 ensembles and more than 800 students aged from 5 to 18 years old. Under the artistic leadership of Luke McEnderfer and Dr. Pamela Blackstone, and based in Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, and New York City, the chorus aims to transform the lives of young people by promoting artistic excellence, cultural openness and social justice.

The National Children’s Chorus is a great opportunity for your kids to grow in an extraordinary online music environment. Wondering how your kids will get the best experience as The National Children’s Chorus shifts to online? Not to worry because the country’s leading music educators will be working with students in small groups on a weekly basis. In these sessions, students will work on developing their vocal and musicianship skills — starting from the basics and working their way up to a collegiate level.

As each student will be working on their tone, breath, support, and musical expression individually, as well as coming together as an ensemble and performing virtually for world premieres and collaborating with prestigious artists from all over.

The opportunities for children with the National Children’s Chorus don’t stop there. Students will be able to participate in their annual international summer tours where they have previously performed in South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Hungary, and more destinations across the globe. They have also taken center stage at well-renowned concert halls here in the U.S. including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and more!

For kids who love to sing, the National Children’s Chorus offers an unparalleled musical curriculum for your kids to take singing to the next level. What are you waiting for? Get the kids signed up for their audition!

All the Details

An online audition information session will take place on Saturday, November 7th where directors will present their educational programs to parents and students. From there, all applicants will sign up for a private video audition during the week of November 8th. Instructions will be emailed following registration. Click here to apply now!


Junior Division Auditions: 

Candidates must be between the ages of 5 and 12 years old

No choral/musical experience to some choral/musical experience

Auditions Will Consist of:

  • Scales (to evaluate the tone quality of the voice)
  • Rhythmic exercises (to evaluate rhythmic precision)
  • Pitch matching (to evaluate intonation)

Senior Division Auditions:

Age 10 years or older

Some to significant choral, musical, solo or vocal performance experience

Auditions Will Consist of:

  • Scales (to evaluate the tone quality of the voice)
  • Rhythmic exercises (to evaluate rhythmic precision)
  • Pitch matching (to evaluate intonation)
  • Solo Piece—a song of the applicant’s choosing that best shows the student’s vocal and expressive capability. The piece must be sung a cappella, however a starting pitch may be requested. Suggested pieces include “Caro Mio Ben” or “The Star-Spangled Banner”.