Scoop: Managing Pregnancy Stress

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Managing Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy changes a woman, especially in her day to day to life. A pregnant mother to be has to deal with physical discomfort, but she also has to manage the changes in her routine, which can lead to stress. This is why adopting healthy practices is beneficial both to mom and baby.

What Causes Stress During Pregnancy?

Every pregnant woman faces different challenges based on the environment she is living in. Here are a few of the culprits:

  • Physical discomfort plays a vital role in fueling stress during pregnancy. Backache, constipation, and morning sickness are everyday stresses for a mom to be.
  • Perhaps it’s sleepless nights (another common side effect), but many pregnant women start worrying about labor and birth in the first month, which can also be quite stressful. For working moms-work-related stresses and who will take care of these tasks are also a worry.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will experience stress in different forms. Pregnancy is unique for everyone and while some women skate throughout there are many who simply struggle and this is ok. This is a time of change. Birthing classes, talking to a professional if need be, are just a few ways to work through and find balance when expecting.