Scoop: Keep It Delightful – The Social Platform to Share Our Kids’ Interests and Sizes With Close Family and Friends

Keep It Delightful – The social platform to share our kids’ interests and sizes with close family and friends. Available on the App Store and on Google Play!

No more endless phone calls regarding birthday gift ideas or holiday presents for your kids. Gift giving will never be more painless!

Have you ever felt the pressure around the holidays to get it all done, only to be faced with emails, texts, and calls from well-meaning relatives about what sizes the kids are and what gift they would like this year? We have the solution for you. 

Keep It Delightful® is a platform where parents can safely disseminate information about their children, such as clothing sizes and current interests, to invited friends and family. The app recommends gifts based on the kid’s profile, streamlining communication for busy parents, and making gift-giving by the extended family much more straightforward.

Keep it Delightful® originated out of a frustrated Mom moment leading up to a busy holiday season. The Founder had been fielding emails and texts about what gifts the kids would like this year, what sizes were the kids now, and unbelievably a text from her brother (who has no kids yet) asking if she could just buy the kids presents, and he would pay her back…

After a fit of frustration, she called her Mom to vent about how not delightful she felt toward this suggestion and realized there had to be a better way! How can we have our kid’s information centralized and share it safely with close family and friends, better yet, how can we get gift recommendations based on what the kids actually like!?! And so K.I.D. was born.

Keep It Delightful® was created to try to ease busy parents’ lives around stressful moments like the Holidays and the kid’s birthdays, and of course, to keep it delightful for our Kids!

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