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  • Scoop: Crisford & Co. Nanny Placement Service

    Find the perfect nanny for your family with this great local placement service

    By Sohee Kim

    Crisford and CoHaving trouble finding the perfect nanny for your family? Crisford & Co., a personalized nanny placement service that launched this past spring, is your one-stop childcare shop!

    Instead of finding the best nanny for each family through the database, Crisford & Co. takes an alternative approach, beginning with an in-home consultation and undertaking all the legwork upfront to ensure that successful placements are made. All Crisford & Co. nannies are thoroughly interviewed and background-checked before the placement, and placements only take two weeks.

    Crisford & Co. also offers a wide range of wellness services, including pre- and post-natal yoga, Pilates, nutritionists, lactation consultants, personal trainers, and more.

    Learn more at

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