Scoop: Achievement First Gets Prepared for Hybrid Learning!

Now that August has rolled around, school is at the top of every parent’s mind. While we know you probably have a million questions about what to expect this upcoming school year, we wanted to share one example of in-person and remote learning that we came across: Achievement First’s hybrid learning model.

Achievement First has 22 schools in Brooklyn, serving grades K-12. Built upon equal educational opportunity, Achievement First defines six core values that are shared between every school: lead for racial equality, strive for excellence, embrace challenge, care for the whole person, choose joy, and go further together.

Aligned with their values, Achievement First has introduced a model for the 2020-2021 school year that assures that all students receive equal support. Regardless of whether in-person or remote, Achievement First wants all students to say: “I am special and can achieve my dreams” and “I feel that I am known, safe, loved, and learning.”

While the situation could always change based on what the New York government decides, for now, Achievement First is designing their upcoming school year for a hybrid model with safety, flexibility, and strong socio-emotional support and student learning in mind. The school also wants to give families the choice, allowing you to decide whether or not you’d like your little scholar to learn remotely or in-person.

In terms of priorities, Achievement First outlined that their youngest students will be top of mind because they know how difficult it can be for little ones (K-2) to learn remotely. If you have little ones, you’re probably very familiar with this virtual learning struggle by now!

What we really love about Achievement First’s back-to-school plan is their emphasis on flexibility. The school is prepared for a variety of scenarios, and they’ve built a flexible plan that can adapt based on feedback and move seamlessly between fully in-person, hybrid, and remote. As NYC parents, we know how unsettling it can feel to have so much still up in the air right now about our little one’s school, so you can feel comforted and confident that Achievement First is ready for your family.

If you’re looking for a school this upcoming year for your little scholar or just for some inspiration that NYC schools definitely have our back, then you can learn more about Achievement First at achievementfirst.org!

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