Saturday Program to Offer STEM and Public Speaking Courses

Hofstra Continuing Education is back for the 2019 school year with a plethora of exciting programs and offerings including the STEM Engineering and Design program where students will learn the fundamentals of engineering design. A Public Speaking Debate course will also be offered this school year. Both programs begin on Oct. 19 and enrollment is open through that day.

In STEM Engineering and Design, students will engage in hands-on activities, designing a project, testing and evaluating it, and then taking any necessary steps to improve it. Each week students will do something different. This will teach students the importance of testing and evaluating an original design in order to improve something, according to Colleen Slattery, vice dean of continuing education at Hofstra. At the end, students will have to stand up and present their project to the class. This course is available for grades 6-10 from 9-11am

Public Speaking Debate will teach students how to be more comfortable speaking and debating in front of peers. Writing, oral presentation, and developing self-confidence are all aspects of the course. Students in grades 7-12 can take this course from 11:05am-12:30pm.

In addition to the new courses, existing courses in the Game Building Academy called Virtual Reality Painting and Digital Arts and Motion Capture Cartooning are receiving updates this school year.

Hofstra Continuing Education offers Saturday programs for every child—ranging from sports broadcasting and science to photography and entrepreneurial studies. The mission of these courses is to prepare students for college by allowing them to dive into courses that may interest them, according to Slattery.

For more information about Hofstra Continuing Education and the STEM Engineering and Design and Public Speaking Debate courses, visit the Hofstra Continuing Education website.