Rego Park Dance Studio Undergoes a Makeover This Summer

The DanceSource is a boutique dance school located in the Rego Park/Forest Hills area in Queens. Their main studio, which is 620-square-feet large, will undergo cosmetic changes during the month of June. Reopening in July, their current pine floor will be replaced with an oak floor. It is currently old and bumpy, but after laying a new floor, the studio will be both stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. A new paint job will also accompany the new floor in the main studio, while new tiles will be laid in the lobby. Their second, smaller studio, will not undergo renovations.

The renovation will not affect summer classes, as classes run from July 6-Aug. 16.

The DanceSource offers classes ranging from ballet and modern, to Kathak and Bollywood, and more. This summer, an Argentine tango class will be offered to advanced dancers by a guest teacher.

When Dianna Petty, founder and proprietor of DanceSource, was asked about the benefits of dancing for children, she responded, “It keeps them healthy, strong, and helps their grades. They learn teamwork, respect and sharing, while making sure things are done carefully.” In her classes, dancers are taught to share and cooperate with each other.

The DanceSource is invited to perform at the Shop Forest Hills Street Fair at Austin Street on Sunday, June 9. The fair will be located from 69th Road to 72nd Road from 10am-6pm. A group of selective DanceSource dancers will perform for 20 minutes on stage at 11am. They are looking forward to watching other local dance schools perform.

The DanceSource was formerly the Ballet Arts Studio of Forest Hills, established in 1974. It merged with the DanceSource in 2006. As a strong, little dance school, they give their dancers a lot of attention, since the biggest class is comprised of 10 dancers. Right now, the studio is busy cleaning the rest of the studio for summer and fall attendance.

Main Image: The DanceSource aims to give each dance individualized attention by capping the biggest class at 10 dancers.

Courtesy The Dance Source