• Raina Seitel And Kipling Bring QVC New Bag And Accessory Line

    Raina Seitel is the ultimate NYC mom and NBC host, and now a QVC star!

    By Alex Taylor

    Raina Seitel

    Raina Seitel, current host and correspondent of “New York Live,” is teaming up with Kipling as their newest brand ambassador to launch exclusive bags for QVC. This isn’t something surprising either. Seitel is not only a writer, producer, host, and mom, but also a fitness, wellness, and beauty connoisseur, so we totally get why she is partnering with Kipling to deliver this new line of handbags and accessories.

    This program is a 24-hour Today’s Special Value launch and Seitel will appear every three hours to showcase the exclusive, beautiful Kipling line of bags and luggage. Seitel will be alongside QVC legend, Jane Treacy, and will begin showing these various products and colors at midnight on February 9.

    To learn more about Raina Seitel, visit rainaseitel.com and qvc.com!


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