• The Rachel Zoe-Approved Dishwasher You Need To Check Out

    The new LG QuadWash dishwasher is changing the chore game in a big way

    By Mia Weber

    Rachel Zoe and Rodge Berman at the LG QuadWash launch

    Calling all moms and dads who wish there was a smart, chic, and efficient way to make doing the dishes less of a chore! It turns out, if household chores are a point of contention in your parenting partnership, you’re not alone. A Wakefield Research survey conducted recently for LG QuadWash, nearly 2 in 5 Americans (39 percent) would rather have their partner send them a photo of them cleaning their home than posing in a swimsuit, and nearly half (48 percent) of cohabitating Americans would rather receive a free pass from chores for a month than an expensive gift, and even more interestingly, 17 percent of American would rather have a partner do household chores after a fight than apologize!

    In turns out, Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman are right there alongside other parents who sometimes struggle with the chore balance at home. Recently, Zoe and Berman were on hand for a discussion on the topic at the launch of LG’s newest game-changer: The LG QuadWash dishwasher–the innovative new dishwasher that features four spray arms instead of the industry standard of two. As Zoe points out, this new dishwasher model makes things much easier for busy parents, and fits right in with any style of home design.

    “Now that we have kids, we have a busy household which means lots of dishes and we always need an extra set of hands. Thankfully there’s a dishwasher with that extra set of arms – LG QuadWash – which has four spray arms instead of just two so I never have to hand wash, even pre-wash, a dish again,” Zoe says. “Anyone who knows us, knows that style is at the epicenter of our lives. But they also know that we never sacrifice functionality for design. That goes for the fashion we create and also in our home design. That’s why we love how sleek and stylish the new LG QuadWash is! Not only does it look great, but it has super advanced functionality like four spray arms instead of two. It’s an amazing dishwasher to help tackle huge loads of dishes for parties – everything from pots and pans to stemware and china.”

    The QuadWash is not only easy to use an a powerful washer, but it also lets you reconfigure the racks inside to fit any size or shape of dish, to protect delicate glassware, or just simply load in the way that’s easiest for your life.

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