Queens Dance Academy Offers New August Workshops

Queens Dance Academy in Glendale is offering new August workshops for beginner and advanced dancers.

Amanda Tasakovic—who has been dancing at the academy since she was 4—became the owner and artistic director of Queens Dance Academy in September 2016. Since many past workshops at the academy involved traveling into the city, Tasakovic decided to create a new workshop where the dancers stay in Queens to make it easier on her students. The new workshop will be open to the public and involve many classes, such as acting through dance, Pilates, ballet technique, and hip-hop.

“I want them [young dancers] to be challenged,” Tasakovic says. “I want them to learn new things because they are like little sponges. They learn everything and they hang on to every word and they just want more all the time. The dedication they have is out of this world. You don’t see it that often, and it’s really nice when you get a group of kids that work really hard together and they just want to learn more,” she says.

Queens Dance Academy offers dance classes for children ages 3-18. The three-day workshop for advanced dancers will take place Aug. 21-23 from 10am-4pm. The one-day workshop for beginners will take place on Aug. 24 from 11am-3pm. 

Students of Queens Dance Academy have performed at Disney World as well as sporting events for the Brooklyn Nets and Brooklyn Cyclones. They will be competing in Nationals this year at Hershey Park.

“We try to get them different opportunities so they can experience things outside of the studio. Not just do a recital, do a competition, and that’s it. We try to teach them,” Tasakovic says.

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Main image: Queens Dance Academy offers dance classes to children ages 3-18.
Courtesy Donner Photographic