A Preschool Graduation Reflection

Dream: I hear Mommy and her friends chatting and getting weepy over us kiddos finishing preschool. Mommy is proud and has tears of joy as she thinks about writing me a sweet note on the occasion of my preschool graduation. But I know Mommy too well. So instead of having Mommy cry a river, I thought I could make her laugh and write a note to her instead. No need for the waterworks.

Reality: I wake up from the aforementioned dream, realize I am a child prodigy and begin to type said note. Ahem, here it goes…

Dear Mommy,

My last day of preschool is really here. It seems like just yesterday we were going to my first day of preschool and beaming with joy at how special it was for all of us. I know this last day is a really, really big one and I will feel extra special as we walk to preschool holding hands for the last time. I used to ride in my stroller but now I can walk or scoot or skate like the big girl I have become. But don’t worry, I promise to always hold tight and not let go of your hand because I love you too much and will always be your baby.

I know we will take our requisite last day of school pictures and don’t worry because I will flash my best smile. We may not agree on my outfit choice but I will wear my favorite attire for the moving on ceremony because you taught me to be my own person and my teachers taught me to use my brain. Everyone has always adored my unique sense of style. Besides, no one but you will remember what I wore anyway.

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My teachers prepared me well for this day. I learned so many things that I could practically write a book. But I’ll save that for after my college graduation. Just think how I went from learning the days of the week and weather songs to doing attendance and counting everyone and writing words in the buzz book. I moved on from abstract finger painting to making elaborate masterpieces for my weekend news. I graduated from learning my letters and numbers to “mastering” reading and writing and math. And most importantly, thanks to you and my teachers I love school and learning!

Of course, I could not do it without all of my friends. I loved coming to school every day to work hard and play hard with them. They are my first school friends and we faced countless special firsts together from first separation to first school dance. We experienced oh so many wonderful things. From the very first special friend I made on my very first day of preschool to the one I got close to recently but made me fall crazy in love (you both know who you are) and other friends in between, each and every one has helped make me the person and friend that I am today. I clearly already know how to win friends and influence people.

You always joke that I listen to my teachers but not enough to you. Please know I am always listening even if you think I am not at all. I like to test people sometimes but I really know right from wrong and to always to do the right thing. My heart is so big and full of love and my mind is wide open and ready to learn. I am strong and smart and am excited for the next chapter. So hold strong, Mommy. As you say: “I love you with all my heart and love you to the moon and back.” And it’s only pre-K! What will you do when I graduate from elementary school?

Kindergarten is going to be amazing for everyone. Who knows what I will learn each day, how much art I can create, what favorite book I may discover in reading, combust in science lab, or just how many times I will need that extra change of clothes they ask you to pack. But what I know for sure is that if I can graduate preschool, I can do anything, right?


Elle Belle

Elle Belle is an adorable preschooler who lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her magnificent mommy, dapper dad, and new baby sister. She can be reached at ellebellenyc@gmail.com.