Pre- And Post-Natal Moms Will Love Working Out With ChaiseFitness

Photo courtesy of ChaiseFitness

ChaiseFitness is a local studio that offers mom-friendly workouts that are adaptable to all kinds of moms from veteran moms to moms-to-be. Using the Reinvention Method, which is a blend of Pilates, ballet and strength training, it was created by mother-daughter duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin. Lauren is a former competitive figure skater and received her Master’s in Fine Arts in Fitness and Dance Education. Rachel was previously a dancer with the New York City Ballet. Together, they combined their love of music, dance, and Pilates to create ChaiseFitness.

“The first ChaiseFitness studio opened its doors five and a half years ago,” Rachel says. “However, the method had been in development many years before that. We started with two classes. Now we have over eight types of classes.”

The Reinvention Method combines Pilates and ballet experiences with overhead bungee equipment. “Whether that resistance comes from below, above, or the springs on the chair, resistance is a great way to build strength, long and lean muscles, and helps people actively engage their core throughout class,” Rachel says.

At any stage, pre- or post-natal, ChaiseFitness is suitable for moms. Their classes can be modified and they offer clients flexibility in their fitness schedule. “Moms are busy and the time they take out of their day to work out for themselves should allow them to work their entire body in a fun and effective way,” Rachel says. “Chaise Reinvention and BalletBungee are favorites of pre- and post-natal moms since it helps them stay toned, lengthened, feeling energized, and most importantly, is safe for their changing bodies.”

Using bands, chairs, and an overhead bungee system, ChaiseFitness uses resistance in their workouts. “We also focus on building core strength, improving posture, spinal health, and overall flexibility,” Rachel says. “This helps moms regain their core strength post-natal and helps alleviate lower back pain that often happens from lifting and carrying kids of different ages and weights.”

They have four locations in NYC: Flatiron, FiDi, 92Y, and a private studio, as well as one in New Jersey. They also a virtual workout series, Chaise on the Go, a four-part series consisting of Reinvent Arms & Abs, Reinvent Legs & Butt, Reinvent Cardio, and Reinvent Chair. “Our at-home video series allows moms to work out at home and create their own workouts to fit their needs,” Rachel says. “There are four 20-minute long videos that can be easily done during nap time.”

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