Top Playdate Ideas For Every Kind Of Kid

Ordinary playdates can get a little boring after a while. Sure, toys are great—but what about getting them to create something? Here are some new and creative playdate ideas you can use to entertain your little one and their friends!

The Artsy Playdate

Allowing your young one the regular opportunity for artistic expression is extremely important; the ability to create something on their own will leave them feeling fulfilled and accomplished. It is the highest form of self-expression, and it manifests itself differently in every child.

When planning a creative playdate, make sure to not set it up as a competition. Arrange some canvases and let their inner artist go crazy. When everyone is done, arrange a little exhibit so that everyone can see what their friends created. If you’re worried about the mess and don’t have an outdoor space, then simply lay down some old newspapers, magazines, or wrapping paper to catch any flyaway paint!

The Sporty Playdate

Sports are another way to get your child to engage with others and not only exercise their body but also their decision-making skills. Schedule a playdate at one of the free programs organized by Battery Park. Their Basketball for Preschoolers or Children’s Soccer would be ideal.

If that isn’t something your child would be interested in, then choose from one of the other many programs the park has to offer. If you’re concerned that your child is a little too young for these programs and you simply like the comfort of your own home, then simply organize a mini-soccer tournament in your living room. Use bottles to mark the two goals and use a soft ball so nothing can be broken. Done!

The Outdoorsy Playdate

Summer is almost over, so use the remaining warm weather for an outdoor playdate! Yes, you can head to your neighborhood playground. But how about heading to a free organized NYC Parks lead kids program? The “Kids in Motion” program engages children in active, outdoor play. This includes organized sports, games, fitness demos, board games, and water games!

While you catch up with your fellow parent friends, your little ones will be entertained by an NYC Parks staff member. If your kids are a little bit older and know how to swim, then head to a free kayaking experience at The Downtown Boathouse! (Weather permitting,of course. Safety first!) If your kids are young and you don’t feel safe on a kayak on the Hudson, then why not plan a small herb garden together? This will allow for both parents and kids to get involved.