Pi & Pie Mask: A Minority Women-Owned Business (with NYC Mamas) That We Love

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Here at New York Family, we’re always on the lookout for women-owned businesses to support. And especially since COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women-owned businesses, now more than ever we want to provide visibility and support for the amazing, strong women who run businesses. That’s why, when we came across Pi & Pie Mask, a minority women-owned business including NYC mamas, we knew we had to share!

So what is Pi & Pie all about? They produce special size face masks for preschoolers, teenagers and women so that we all can stay healthy and safe during these times. We love how Pi & Pie takes into consideration that masks are not one-size-fits-all. The business is actually made up of parents, and they are dedicated to protecting kids, families and communities. And did we mention that part of your purchase goes towards supporting schools, non-profit organizations, and small business? That’s right! Pi & Pie is grounded in helping others, both in their product and brand. 

A minority women-owned business that’s made up of parents is exactly what we need. The brand name was even created by one of the founders’ son, a 10-year-old kid. “π is universal, and who doesn’t like a pie?” he said, “let’s call it Pi & Pie!” A parent perspective guides the success of Pi & Pie, along with its dedication to diversity & inclusion. 

Curious to learn more about Pi & Pie and shop its oh-so-cute (and effective!) face masks? Trust us on this one– both you and your kids will be obsessed with these masks. Learn more by visiting pinpiemask.com