Parkour Classes for Kids in New York City: Freerunning and Ninja Skills

Summer is in full swing, and there are tons of fun events for the whole family. Kids can explore and learn new skills through exciting summer programs, classes, and gain unparalleled skills in Parkour! Parkour is a form of exercise and discipline that lets kids see for themselves that exercise doesn’t have to be boring. NYC is your child’s urban jungle and it’s ready for the taking! Run, hop, skip, jump, flip and stick the landing! They will learn to clear gaps, overcome hurdles, and climb over obstacles. Parkour is about timing, precision, and playfulness – a free-running adventure right here in the city. Redefine freedom and fitness by enrolling them into one fun parkour adventure where your kids will learn to overcome obstacles in a new way! If you have a mini Peter Parker at home, take a look at these Parkour classes we’ve rounded up for your little ones.