Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

6656i0DC031A5DEE874FEWith Easter right on the horizon, this guide to unique things you can do with Peeps is sure to come in handy as parents everywhere race to one-up the Easter Bunny! (BuzzFeed)

Teaching kids to apologize when they’ve made a mistake is an important lesson–we love this idea to make the situation positive from a local mom and blogger. (Cup of Jo)

Having “the talk” about sex and puberty with your pre-teen is often awkward for both the parent and the child–however, one Seattle-based educator is making the birds and the bees a little easier to discuss and even turning it into a bonding activity. (The New York Times Magazine)

Who says maternity wedding gowns need be anything but super glam? Benedict Cumberbatch’s now-wife Sophie Hunter dressed her bump in silver Valentino for her recent wedding and the result was simply stunning! (The Gloss)

This moving photo essay gives a glimpse at what day-to-day life is like for Ukraine’s children of war. (Mashable)

Having trouble getting your baby to sleep? One dad has an ingenious solution that you have to try! (Babble)

Prepare to feel infinitely inspired by how mom and investment guru Melody Hobson (and wife of George Lucas) defies stereotypes in all areas of her life–motherhood included, of course! (Vanity Fair)

It turns out that poverty has previously unknown affects on the brain development and cognitive abilities of growing baby’s–get the facts! (Scientific American)

Family matters and dynamics are often a part of politics–but is there an upside to all the arguing? One writer calls for a truce in the political “family wars.” (The New York Times)

Moms who love “The Walking Dead” can rejoice–the show’s star, Norman Reedus, recently appeared the coolest fan selfie ever, featuring a breastfeeding mom! (Huffington Post)