5 Organizations That Support Black Women and Girls

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As people and parents continue to educate themselves on understanding and supporting our Black community, many organizations support Black women and girls. These organizations focus on issues that are often life-altering or life-saving for Black women. Whether shared through social media, donation or are involved by volunteering — making a difference starts by first finding organizations that need your support.

Here Are 5 Organizations That Support Black Women and Girls

The National Black Women’s Justice Institute (NBWJI)

Now more than ever, an institution such as NBWJI is necessary as this organization works to reduce racial and gender disparities that, unfortunately, affect many Black women and girls. Working with universities and organizations — their main goal is to help women affected by economic marginalization and criminalization. 

NBWJI offers technical assistance as well as engaging in community education while promoting civic engagement and, most importantly, advocating for policies that will make life better for Black women and girls. Donate here

The Love Land Foundation Therapy Fund

This foundation, founded by Rachel Cargle, tackles mental health by providing financial assistance in therapy for Black women and girls. Many people know — especially mothers, that we all need to be healthy when tackling kids, work, and life. However, for many, therapy is a luxury, especially for many who lack insurance or a robust health plan that includes seeking support such as therapy. This foundation also includes fellowships, residency programs, as well as listening tours. There are many ways to give at The Love Land Foundation, check ways to donate here

The Birthing Place

The Birthing Place consists of a team of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color ) local doulas and birthing professionals. They are asking for financial donations to bring The Birth Place to fruition in the Bronx. With New York ranking 30th in maternal morbidity in the country, there is a desperate need for a center such as this that includes wellness, learning, as well as the birth center for a much-needed group of families. Donate here.

Black Girls Code

Based in San Francisco with a chapter in New York with remote camps — the Black Girls Code’s objective is to provide Black girls the ability to learn code. Through workshops and after-school programs, these young programmers of tomorrow can change the scope of not only women who code but WOC who code. Black Girls Code’s ultimate goal is to train 1 million girls by 2040. Black Girls Code offers a limited number of scholarships for its programs. Help these programs by donating

Black Women’s Health Imperative

This 35-year-old, non-profit organization’s focus is to protect while advancing the health and wellness of Black women and girls. With programs such as Change Your Lifestyle. Change Your Life, My Sister’s Keeper, and On Our Own Terms — colossal issues such as diabetes, heart disease, advocacy and leadership building, and HIV prevention in Black women are on the forefront. Donate here.


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