Families Can Now Enjoy the Open Streets Plan in NYC

Open Streets in NYC

The first 7 miles of streets for pedestrians and cyclists are open now open from 8 am to 8 pm.

“Our parks have played a critical role in maintaining public health during this crisis. But we cannot afford to have a high demand for open space create unhealthy situations — so opening up streets near or within these parks is one of the ways New Yorkers can get outside safely.” Mayor de Blasio said.

Here is the plan for the Open Streets as of May 2.

Park Boro Street From To Mileage
Fort Tryon Park MN Margaret Corbin Drive Fort Washington Ave Cabrini Blvd


Forest Park QN Freedom Drive Park Lane S Myrtle Ave


East Main Drive Metropolitan Ave Overlook Parking Lot
West Main Drive Band Shell Lot Golf Course Lot
Silver Lake Park SI Silver Lake Park Rd Forest Ave Victory Blvd


Callahan-Kelly BK Sackman Pl Truxton St Fulton St


Flushing Meadows Corona Park QN Meadow Lake Drive Model Airplane Field Meadow Lk Bridge Parking Lot


Grant Park BX Grant Ave 170th St 169th St


Total mileage



The following streets adjacent to parks will also be open.

Park Boro Street From To Mileage
Williamsbridge Oval BX Reservoir Oval E/W Bainbridge Ave Bainbridge Ave


Court Square QN Court Sq W Jackson Ave Dead End


Carl Schurz Park MN East End Ave E 83rd St E 89th St


Lt. William Tighe Triangle MN Dyckman St Broadway Seaman


Prospect Park BK Prospect Park West 3rd Street Garfield Place


Parkside Ave Park Circle Ocean Ave


Stapleton Waterfront Park SI Front Street Canal St Edgewater St


Highbridge Park MN Laurel Hill Terrace Amsterdam Ave Amsterdam Ave


Total mileage


Source: nyc.gov

“Over the next month, we will create a minimum of 40 miles of open streets. And as the crisis continues, the goal is to get up to 100 miles,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Meanwhile, the PAUSE program will continue through May 15 and is expected to continue even longer for some of the most exciting summer activities in the City. New York City’s nonessential businesses will continue to be closed, and all nonessential gatherings will remain temporarily banned. Broadway performances, the City’s attractions, and museums, and all professional sporting events are closed or canceled.

However, the City Council wants to give a chance to New Yorkers to enjoy the nice weather safely on the streets and around park areas. You can check out the official DOT website for updates on street closures, new pedestrian and bike lanes, or follow the #OpenStreets.

Officials expect families to assemble on the playgrounds and at community pools so they will stay closed amid the summer. It’s not yet clear if the community beaches will stay closed too, but there is still hope that they might reopen. Beaches would be safer if limited to one-third or one-half of their typical density and if visitors wear masks, said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, an infectious disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital for the New York Times. She said pools, too, could be opened to small groups, especially since chlorine kills most germs and viruses, as long as the changing areas and surfaces around them are closely monitored or remain closed altogether.

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