NYC Public School Deadline for Remote Learning Is August 7th: Here Is What You Need To Know

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NYC Public School Deadline for Remote Learning is August 7th: Here is What You Need To Know

Friday, August 7th is the deadline for parents to choose 100 percent remote learning. After August 7th if your child is not registered in 100 percent remote learning, blended learning is the default.

Remote learning students will have a chance to sign up for blended learning on specific dates throughout the year. 

Here are the CliffsNotes on what you need to know:

Where Do I Enroll My Child for Fall 2020 Remote Learning?

Register here

Did You Already Enroll and Change Your Mind?

This is ok. If you would like your child to participate in Blended Learning, after all, complete the form again by August 7th. 

What If My Child Starts School and We Decide We Are Not Comfortable After Starting Blended Learning?

You can choose for your child to do Remote Learning at any time after Blended Learning has started. Go to this form

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