Nursery Pick: Anne Geddes Paint

Iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes has created her own line of nursery paint specifically designed to help nurture a baby’s development. Geddes partnered with Master Paintmakers to create 10 non-toxic and water-based shades of paint that are perfect for nurseries. The paint line features soft shades including “Darling,” ” Heaven,” “Cherish,” and “Sunbeam.”

Geddes is a world renowned photographer specializing in baby photography. Known for her adorable photos, she has dressed babies in props from flower pots and food costumes to blending in with the sea and nature. She recently published a new book called Small World in which she catches up with the babies she photographed years ago. Geddes has also photographed children to bring awareness to health and safely. In 2012, she partnered with the United Nation’s Foundation Every Woman Every Child initiative to bring awareness to women and children’s health and welfare.

Her new paint line features a baby safe formula. Not only are they toxic-free and water-based, but they are made from natural ingredients, making it safe for babies, children and pregnant mothers. In addition, the paints are durable and easy to clean. Once the paint is dry, stains and marks can be washed off without any damage.

Research shows colored rooms have a more comforting effect on babies and children compared to bare ones, and every color in her paint line has a different effect for babies. The colors are separated into four categories: calm, clever, creative and confident. Calm colors feature soft pastels while clever colors are bright and energetic. Inspired by her mantra “Protect. Nurture. Love,” the colors are specifically designed to encourage development and exploration and help soothe and relax babies. Each color is formulated to stimulate imaginative thoughts through a sense of love and natural wonder.

One percent of all sale proceeds from her paint line will be donated to charities. The shades of paints are available in U.S. gallon and quart sizes, and be purchased at Walmart.

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