Now hear this

Listen up, parents! Etymotic Research Inc. has created EtyKids 5 Safe-listening Earphones for children ages 4 and older. The manufacturers claim that the sound heard through these earphones will not exceed safe levels.

The set includes earphones (available in pink, yellow or black), a set of three “accufit” eartips, a shirt clip, and a zippered pouch. The eartips come in a variety of shapes to ensure a good fit in small ears.

Because these earphones seal the ears, they do a better job of blocking out background noise. (If used at maximum volume, Etymotic recommends limiting their use to no more than four hours a day.) The EtyKids earphones are made for devices with a standard 3.5 mm jack, including iPhone; iPod and MP3 players; iPad and tablets; DVD players; and gaming devices — and that’s music to our ears!

EtyKids 5 Safe-listening Earphones for Kids by Etymotic, $39,