An Instagram channel every parent should follow!

An Instagram channel every parent should follo!

An Instagram channel every parent should follow

Have you noticed? @NewYorkFamily, the #1 online resource for NYC-area parents, has been ramping up its Instagram, making it even easier for readers to keep abreast of events and trending topics.


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What can you expect to see in the future? More engaging content around trending topics and funny memes. Currently, content about paid maternity leave is a hot topic, specifically about women being penalized for wanting fair maternity leave. 


Here are the 5 most popular IG hashtags for New York Family readers: 

#FamilyDayOut – 849,665 posts 

#NYCevents – 610,139 posts

#BabySkincare – 239,173 posts

#AwesomeWeekend – 157,856 posts

#MomCEO – 93,566 posts

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