New York City is On Track to Enter Phase 2 on June 22

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Governor Cuomo announced today that Phase 2 starts this coming Monday, June 22nd. So what does this mean for us? Here is a brief on what this entails, for a more in-depth explanation visit Reopening New York /Phase 2 on ny.gov.com.

Professional Services, Office Based Jobs

Eeeek. Do I have to go back to the office? Jobs that work in administrative support, finance, and insurance can go back to work. Although these jobs can go into the office, many corporations are deciding exactly when they will have employees back at work. Many companies are playing it safe and setting up guidelines on how this will look, something many companies are working on to ensure their employees’ safety.


Yes, you can get your shopping on. Malls will still be closed, but your favorite clothing boutique, electronics, and appliance stores can now open. Even your hair salon can open! Yet — know that although these businesses are allowed to open — they are responsible for how social distancing will work for both their employees and clients. Expect your in-store experience to be different than what it was a few months ago.

If you have been waiting for your favorite shopping sites to be operational you will be happy to know that shopping websites and mail-order catalogs are also allowed to open.

Outdoor Eating/Dining

Yes, outdoor dining is going to be allowed; however, NYC /Mayor De Blasio has previously stated that this would not happen until July. Expect to see this happening slowly as your favorite restaurants work out how to provide this dining experience safely and when the mayor gives the OK for this to happen.

Real Estate / Rental & Leasing

According to NY. Gov this applies to residential property management entities, real estate salespeople/brokers, building inspectors, building appraisers, and related activities.

And let’s remember we are still in a COVID-19 outbreak and this virus is growing in many states. Governor Cuomo tweeted, “It’s up to all of us to ensure a successful reopening. Be smart & be responsible.”

So don’t forget those masks and enjoy Phase 2!