New Parents Guide

Becoming a new parent in the city is like learning how to
speak another language. Suddenly the urban landscape you knew so well feels completely
different, and you’re faced with a host of exciting new joys and challenges. It
helps to have a little help along the way, and that’s why we created this
guide below. From creating a birth plan to navigating your first few months at home
with baby to finding the perfect city stroller, it’s all here.
Make sure to check out the resource directory, which includes an excellent
overview on the wide variety of family offerings in the city, from babysitting
services to children’s classes to kids’ clothing stores. And, most of all,
remember to have fun along the way. It’s an exciting journey you’re on—and it
will fly by! — The Editors

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Pregnancy In Perspective: Realbirth founder Erica Lyon offers sensible tips for getting through the first nine months; plus, a look at the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.

Bringing Baby Home: Seven questions every new mom should ask herself; plus, advice from a mom and pediatrician on making the transition from hospital to home.

Strollers 101: How to choose the right stroller for your family.

Partnership Parenting: The authors of a new book explain how men and women parent differently—and why it’s a good thing.

What Makes Toddlers Tick?: 12 things your young child would really, really like you to know.

Resource Directory: Listings of birthday party venues, children’s classes, parent support groups, babysitters, family photographers, maternity stores, children’s clothing and shoe stores, pediatric ER’s, and much more.