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New music from Joe Beck and Darryl Tookes

Every parent whose brain is addled by sleep-deprivation will be forever grateful for “Precious Child — Love Songs & Lullabies” for speeding their babes off to the Land of Nod. Darryl Tookes and Joe Beck’s utterly soothing assortment of traditional children’s songs (“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”) and new works showcase Tookes’ Johnny Mathis-esque baritone voice. Legendary guitarist-composer Beck and vocalist-composer-pianist Tookes drew on the love they have for their kids and paired it with their shared musical virtuosity to create an album that will restore peace and harmony to moonlight-filled nurseries everywhere, beginning Aug. 19. It’s a perfect baby shower gift, but we recommend this charming album for insomniacs of all ages.

Precious Child — Love Songs & Lullabies CD by Darryl Tookes and Joe Beck, $12.98,

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