• There’s A New Massage On The Menu At Haven Spa

    Haven Spa in the East Village is offering a brand new massage and it’s perfect for busy city parents

    By Mia Weber

    Calling all parents who might need to treat themselves to some relaxation after keeping their kiddos entertained all summer! The East Village’s Haven Spa recently introduced a new massage to their menu of services and it’s perfect for busy New York parents.

    The brand new Tourist Massage is designed especially for those who walk long distances and/or frequently during the day, sit in a set position for much of the day and who carry heavy backpacks or shopping bags frequently. The name of the massage is aimed at tourists to NYC who may exhausted after flying and bopping around to see the sights in Manhattan, but if you ask us, it also sounds like designed for parents who either work all day, or accompany their kiddos to all kinds of summer fun activities during the day.

    The Tourist Massage is a 90-minute treatment ($180) that puts the focus on the parts of your bod that need the most love after a long and active day: Like your feet, legs, lower back, shoulders, neck, and head.While many traditional massages start at the top of the body with the recipient on their stomach, this one starts with the feet and with the recipient on their back. Because the session is relatively long, it gives the therapist plenty of time to focus problem areas and tune the body up properly.

    Trust me: You’ll feel it in your back and shoulders, put you’ll also feel it your hands (hello, smartphone death grip anyone?), in your hips and legs, and anywhere that you tend to stress while hitting the pavement or sitting for too long with less-than-perfect posture.

    Haven Spa is located at 250 Mercer Street. To learn more, visit havenspa.nyc!

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