Nate Berkus Teams Up With LG Studio

Photo by Roberto Chamorro

Collaborations in the fashion and lifestyle realms all everywhere the hottest trend these days. They help the designers brainstorm and bring new ideas to the clothing line and stores but these collaborations only seem to benefit a select group of people. LG has heard these cries and brought a collaboration the entire family can enjoy.

LG has teamed up with renowned interior designer, Nate Berkus for the LG Studio Appliance line, bringing high end and practical appliances right to your home.

With celeb dad Nate Berkus as the inspiration and Artistic Advisor for the LG Studio line, it is safe to assume the appliances are stylish and efficient. The line’s stainless steel and black stainless steel finishes bring sleekness right into your kitchen with the addition of practicality. The newest addition to the line, the Range Hood, offers powerful execution with a sophisticated look.

While designing these appliances, LG and Berkus definitely had families in mind, especially when designing Berkus and his daughter, Poppy’s, personal favorite, the Instaview Refrigerator with the door-to-door feature. “It is the best marriage of technology and design,” Berkus says.

The refrigerator has a feature that, when someone knocks on the door twice, allows it to illuminate the inner compartment for snacks. It is ideal for all the little ones in your house to reach and doesn’t require them to open the entire refrigerator for little snacks. “It’s super convenient. It’s like two refrigerators in one,” he notes.

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If you are worried about price and budgeting when considering these appliances for your kitchen, Berkus advises for those designing their own kitchen to splurge and invest more on appliances and save on things like countertops and backsplashes. He also advises those set on a certain look for their countertops or backsplashes to check out local stone yards and stone supply providers. “If you can save money on shipping and buy local, do it,” Berkus says.

For those looking for a timeless look and feel in your kitchen, Berkus says to stick to neutral colors and avoid loud colors that may go out of style in the next year or so. However, if something is built-in, lean on the side of classic. “The most important thing to do is to invest in classic materials that will really stand the test of time.” So avoid trends. Classic and timeless never goes out of style. Thus why the LG Studio appliances are timeless, sophisticated, and classic but innovative with the current technology and perfect for the little ones.

Finally, Berkus’s biggest tip for families: Do not be beholden to your possessions. Berkus advises to lean more toward vintage or antique items because they have already seen their best days and will be hard to ruin but to remember they are just items, if little sticky or wet fingers get a hold of them.

The LG Studio line is now on sale in appliance and retail stores nationwide.

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