Mothers and babies

Percent of pregnant women who have trouble finding maternity clothes they like: 87

Women — who exercise at least three times a week during pregnancy — have this percent less risk of delivering dangerously large newborns: 25

Percent of twin births that do not involve fertility drugs: 56

Percent of twins who are left-handed: 22

Percent of lefties in the general population: 10

Average number of ounces heavier May babies are than babies born in any other month: 7

Percent of males born in the U.S. in the 1960s who were circumcised shortly after birth: 90

Percent today: 50

Percent of circumcised adolescent males who don’t know they’ve been circumcised: 31

Percent of sleeping-baby photos in women’s and parenting magazines that show babies in a risky position for sudden infant death syndrome: More than 50

Age in weeks when babies start to make distinctive cries depending on whether they want to be changed, fed or held: 6

Gallons of mother’s milk a baby blue whale drinks per day, for the first six to eight months: More than 50

Feet a giraffe drops at birth from its standing mother to the ground: 6

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